Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Early" Sunday...

when you live my schedule...not quite noon yet, I've been up about 6 minutes, lol!

Friday evening at work I spent writing a long rant (in my head) that I had planned to title "No Warrant Needed" for King George; like my thoughts matter to him anyway! Rather than waste my effort, we'll see what transpires in D.C. this next week!

By the time I felt like doing anything yesterday, the massacre in Indianapolis had begun (Colts 23, Chiefs 8). Somehow I know it must be my fault, as it's the only game I've seen all of all year...all night at work Friday people would ask if I thought they would win (this is a team that made the playoffs because 3 other teams lost games they should have won last week) and my reply was that "I will hope, but I won't hold my breath".

When Dottie came home from work last night we went out and found a coat for Talia to make up for the one that was too short at Christmas. Hooray, it's finally over!!! The last Christmas exchange has been made! Just in time, of course, since Talia's 6th birthday is in two weeks; most of the shopping is done thanks to the extras we picked up through Christmas, only a few odds and ends to find now!

I'm really having a hard time not commenting on the world and national things, but I'm trying to focus on the ones I can have an effect on and let the other ones go...feeling guilty the whole time of course...

May this next week be kind to you all!



rhea_becker said...

I'm back to work this week. Oh, well.

b o o said...

here's to a well deserved break :) hope your weekend was nice & your start to the week fantastic {{hugs}}

Von Krankipantzen said...

Hi! Hope your week is going well so far.

Blogzie said...

Finally gettting my ass in gear to say HAPPY 51st! I made it there last September.

And Happy 2007!

You are simply the best my dear.

Better than all the rest.