Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday afternoon...

and I'm in from the garage for a cup of cofee and to thaw a bit. I've been lying upside down under the rear deck of the boat trying to sort out wiring, and I'm beginning to feel like a bat!

The other day it was 70 and I was washing the boat and rearranging the garage; that night we had tornadoes just south of here; the next day it went to freezing and yesterday morning we had snow.

Back to work tomorrow after my week off; it doesn't feel like I've accomplished nearly as much as I should have...somehow things never go smoothly as you hope!

Hope the weekend is being kind to everyone!



zilla said...

There's something so appealing about a man who tends to his own wiring as well as his own ... skipping down a few posts ... colon.


Moose lost his freshly cashed paycheck-containing wallet at the public library once. Someone turned it in. We were stunned, pleasantly.

Hope your return to work is kind to you!

Jon-Marc said...

I am envious. There is no way I would know what to do to fix my car if something were wrong with it (or my boat, but I need to get a boat in order for something to be wrong with it).

Hope you got to relax some,


robin andrea said...

I think a week off from work goes faster than any other time.