Monday, March 12, 2007

The whirl...

The weekend was a blur...there are usually too many things and too little time, but this time it just didn't slow!

The grandkids and casting practice went well Saturday morning. We also weighed them and tried on life jackets; we had two from my sons when they were small, nothing fancy, just bright orange Coast Guard approved flotation. Caleb was a bit small for the weight rating and since they didn't have the under the crotch straps, we went to Cabela's partly for one of those, and partly for the things on my list that Dottie didn't know about (I've only done that a few times in 30 years). Of course, you can't buy one pretty new vest for the youngest, so the older two got to pick one as well. We couldn't find one that fit Dottie comfortably there; they were more like a straight jacket than something you'd want to wear.

My $150 trip was over $300 when we left...there's an old adage about a boat being a hole in the lake to pour money into...sometimes it feels that way, and that's a lot of why mine stayed dry for over 10 years!

I wanted to take them bank fishing at the freshly stocked kiddie pond at the county lake that afternoon, but their parents said they'd like to be there for that, so we went home for lunch and some more casting, this time not only with their little Shakespeare "Catch-Em" rigs (Spider-Man, Barbie and Superman) but one of the 10 foot panfish rigs I bought with an under the rod trigger spincast reel as well. The older two did well; at 3, Caleb isn't quite ready for that one yet.

That evening brought a trip to Krispy Kreme to get doughnuts for breakfast, dinner and then bedtime as they were supposed to get up for church the next morning. Sadly, some of the computer system John is responible for didn't like the time-change, so he was programming all night and part of the morning and they decided to get a few hours sleep before my nephew's birthday party in Lawrence Sunday afternoon.

That meant our trip to the box stores and Best Buy, planned for after the kids left turned into one trying to get it all done with them. By taking two to the car while the other person "checked out" we managed and ended up with time to hit the new "Bass Pro" store in that area and get Dottie a vest that actually fit. Wal-Mart on the way home, Dottie fed the kids while I unpacked everything, then their Mom and Dad picked them up to go to Jordan's party while we went and picked up Mom at the nursing home and took her.

My sister has been playing on and I had a copy of a typewritten family history done in the early 80's by one of my great-uncle's kids for his 93rd birthday.
I took it so she could copy it and she was ecstatic to skim some of the stories in it as well as have the data. Dinner, presents, a game of Scrabble and it was almost 8 and time to head for home. By the time we returned Mom and settled her in and got home ourselves it was 10. Then I got to start the weekend's laundry...

Dottie showered and we watched "Battlestar", by then it was midnight and though she wanted to stay up another hour, I talked her into going to bed as neither of us had gotten enough sleep through the weekend. I had planned on sorting tackle and being in bed by 2 myself; by the time I got to a stopping point it was 5am!

Now I have more laundry running, trash to gather because tomorrow is our trash pick-up, tackle boxes to return to the boat and work to get ready for. I'll be blog hopping a bit when I come home tonight and tomorrow and trying to keep my hours more towards the early side (trying to get up around 11 instead of noon like today) because that way it's not such a shock on the weekend, lol!

Dottie's off on Friday, and though I've got a wicked case of fishing fever going, there's an RV show she'd like to go to, so that will probably be my before work activity that day.

May the week be kind to you all!



b o o said...

and to you as well HUGS

Jon-Marc said...

How do you have any energy left? I was exhausted just reading it all. All I did this weekend was go to a meeting on Saturday and the grocery store on Sunday.

puhpaul said...

Wow, what a good Grandpa you are. Those kid's are so lucky to have someone like you and Dotty in their lives. I hope you get some rest a work this week because your weekend sounded exhausting.