Saturday, September 01, 2007

3 days off!

This weekend has kind of snuck up on me...I knew it was coming but had my doubts about ever really getting here!

I slept later than I should have today, got up and paid bills and then went out to run errands; in a few minutes I'm going to go start dinner.

I thought of titling this "And Another One Bites the Dust", but don't want to seem to be gloating over someone else's misfortunes. Suffice it to say that were all the hypocrites out of office, DC would be a ghost town!

Tonight, a leisurely dinner and some TV with my wife; tomorrow back to work on the garage and possibly a grandchild to keep us company overnight. Dottie is off on Monday for the holiday (hooray).

I'm really looking forward to this!

On other fronts, I'm officially "old" now; after over a year of my nagging, my wife has consented and I just signed us up for AARP. Later this month I'm towing a car to Laramie, Wyoming for one of my nephews so the older nephew can put an interior in it as his final school project. Hoping that between AARP and AAA I could get a decent room rate, among other things, it seemed like it was time!

This will be a flying trip, though, leaving at noon on Saturday after I work the night before and driving back on Sunday. Dottie gave up two of her vacation days in November (one was her birthday) to co-pilot, for which I'm grateful, since she's the only other one going who's ever towed anything that big!

The fun part is going to be going back to get the car when Brett graduates in December...somehow I'm not sure the weather is going to cooperate! I'm looking at a set of Blizzaks for the back of the truck, just in case!




ConnieJane said...


You have a way of making every day sound like a delight. Take before and afters of that car to share please.

Safe and happy to you.

ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Blizzacks? Do they make 'em for Hondas?

If anyone deserves three days off Alan, it's you. Today is Sunday! Rest, Alan, rest!

Heidi said...

Have a great long weekend..Highly deserved for you :)

Green tea said...

I tried AARP once and then found out that many hotels/motels will give you a discount anyway.

Old is a state of mind Alan.
My Hubba has a sign on his desk at work that says,
"The older I get the older old gets"

Have a safe trip, we'll hold down
Blogland till you get back. :D

Barbara said...

Have a safe trip, you and your co-pilot. And, if you're old then I'm the dirt you're older than! LOL

fineartist said...

Me too, I'm getting old too, isn't it odd? I mean for some reason getting old seemed like something other people did.

I feel the same way about this weekend, almost giddy!

xx, Lori

kath said...

this week at work nearly did me in.. lol

I was blind tired by friday night.
Sounds like your life is filled with good things, as always..
god job!
take care.!



Lori said...

I hope you have a wonderful 3-day weekend, Alan! You always sound so busy, even when you 'rest'! Thanks for always visiting my place and for your sincere and kind comments. Very much appreciated.

Take care and enjoy your time off with Dottie.

HAR said...

Enjoy your quiet time together. WIll you be able to relax today? I hope it is a safe trip! You are always helping your family. Good for YOU!

robin andrea said...

I'm writing this on Labor Day morning. Hope your time off has been restful and fun.

taza said...

hey Alan!
that road trip coming up sounds like a real "treat" lol....what the heck is a Blizzak?

Sam the kitty has forgiven me (for the neutering last week) and has stuck himself to my lap for the morning.

i hope you and Dottie are enjoying your day off today. virtual hugs to you both!

Dr. Deb said...

Haope you and Dotty have a great holiday weekend!

Godknows said...

Hope youo had a great weekend. I had a long weekend last week as our national day. Love reading your blog Mr Alan.
Have a great week

Von Krankipantzen said...

Ooops! A little late here but I hope your days off were lovely. Filled up enough to feel productive without getting exhausted.

Puffer said...

Enjoy your days off:)