Saturday, October 27, 2007

7 things...

about me. Hmmmmmmm...guess some of you may have to forgive me if I reuse some from earliers memes...I hope you do anyway! "Clandestine" tagged me earlier in the week, so here goes!

First she said I have to post the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random and some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of post and list their names.
4. Let them know they were tagged by a comment on their blog.

1) I have no toenail on the big toe of either foot. Both were damaged at different times by my uncoordinated self dropping things on them. At various times and various stages of only being half attached, they got infected and had to be removed, permanently.

2) Speaking of being uncoordinated, if there's a way to whack my head I'll find it. There is a 4 inch cast iron sewer line in my basement that has been there my whole life. When Dad dug the basement in 1959-60 it wasn't a problem; now it's forehead high. Either I duck under it and grab something and raise up into it, or go to back up with something, but at least once a week I catch it a bit; at least once a month it's enough that George Carlin's 7 words have nothing on me!

I've also walked into the bottom of cars on the assembly line at work through the years; I've whacked my head on hoods and deck lids (bonnets and boots to those who use them).

So far (knock on my wooden head) no stitches!

3) Speaking of which, at 51 and soon hopefully 52, I've never had a broken bone or stitch. I did have to have some butterfly tapes on my head once from the bottom of a car at work, though...I was spraying underbody, the line stopped but I didn't...

4) I was reading music by the time I was in kindergarten, and playing accordion. When I was in the 4th grade I found a fingering chart and picked up my Dad's trumpet and started playing it; to get me to leave his 1927 Conn alone, he bought me my own. I was in every school band there was from then all the way through high school. Between them and practicing, playing 5 or 6 hours a day was normal.

5) Which leads to my taste in music; while I will will listen to most anything, if I'm putting something on for myself, most likely it will be jazz of some vintage. When other kids were buying "The Beatles" or "The Stones" or "The Dead" I was buying Louis Armstrong, Bunny Berigan, Bix Beiderbecke and Chet Baker albums to wear out as I practiced..."Music Choice" around here is usually on the "big band" channel!

6) If the hair in my ears needed trimmed no more often than the top of my head, I'd be a happy man!

7) Which leads me to my finale; the very first place I put sunscreen, before anywhere else, is the top of my bald bald head! If you've never had a sunburnt scalp, you've never had the ultimate most painful sunburn! And a mesh ball cap is not going to prevent it! Waterproof, tear-free formula SPF-50, please! I'm so grateful for it because all the others run into my eyes and sting almost as badly as the burn I'm trying to save myself from!

So now that you've all figured out how strange I really am, and that you now know yo have nothing to worry about, should any of you feel the urge to do this, I'll enjoy reading your 7! Knowing how busy you all are, I won't tag anyone directly, but please, should you decide to share, please let me know?

May you each have a lovely weekend!

Mine will be spent with a paint brush in hand...though for a treat on Sunday I have some sirloins in the fridge and 2.5 pounds of sliced mushrooms!



kath said...

#1 OUCH!

#2 OUCH!!

I still can't read music, alsthough I think all of my kids can, I did teach myself to read books before I went to school... so maybe that counts for something.. I taught my kids to read between the ages of 3-5, too.Necessary skill... to important to leave to strangers.

I too, am a klutz, and will bump into more things than is my fiar share.. doors, door handles or knobs.. chairs.. furniture that has been there forever..

klutz iz me

hope you have a great weekend.. and thanks for not giving up on me and continuing to visit even after long absences on my part....

HAR said...


I don't have ear hair but I noticed my nose hair is growing at a fast pace. EEEWWW

Clandestine said...

ah! you make me feel guilty with your non-tagging! :) but that's okay - i'm glad you answered!!

fineartist said...

Would those be MOREL shrooms Alan?

I'm salivating.

I had to break down and cook today, I was so hungry for food. The man and I have been starving each other out, it was his turn to cook five days ago and he hasn't picked up a pan once, so I finally gave in and simmered a roast, with potatoes and carrots, yeast rolls and cottaged cheese, but I didn't make the cottaged cheese. Heh.

My son, the one who is still home, he usually eats chicken nuggets or hot dogs, basically anything that is fast and he can nuke. Not that I don't cook for him, I do, but he PREFERS crap he can nuke, and ate a cheese dog and fries over the roast. Whose kid is this?

I laughed more times than I can count right now over you whacking your head. That just sounded mean, and I don't mean for it to be, but I thunk around on my head too, a lot, probably explains part of what's wrong with me.

"Knock on your wooden head." Heeeeeeeeeeeee, mine too.

I can't imagine playing music five to six hours a day, but I bet it was cool.

xx, I may have to do this meme later on in the week, or heck tomorrow evening. It could happen.


kath said...


my email addy is changed.

I thought Plaxo had sent the notice to everyone, but some slipped through..

basically it is the same ... just change verizon to comcast..


No_Newz said...

I think that is my favorite meme ever!! Yup, sure is. And no, I was laughing WITH you!! :)

Lori said...

It's always fun to find things out about people.

I especially like knowing about your musical talents and tastes. My brother was - and still is - a very accomplished musician and I grew up simply taking his music for granted. Now he lives in Seattle and I would love to hear the sound of his touch on ivory again...

puhpaul said...

I'm with you on the head thing, but I would also include my shins. You can feel the various dents and divots left from running into benches, tree stumps and other shin high objects. I have a water filter on the line coming in through my basement. It's right in front of the washing machine and I hit it at least once a month while changing loads.


Jess said...

Thank God you got a hard head huh Alan? When my kids bump into something I tell them "aww, you're ok, you got your Daddy's hard head" lol And thank goodness for that sunscreen huh? Saves me lots and lots of sunburn pain :~)

Josephine said...

You are one talented guy honey :-) Always in awe of people who can read music, especially so young.

And the sunburned head thing...ouch! (wanna borrow my wig?!)



Dr. Deb said...

1 -I've never broken a bone either

2- I can write backwards

3 - I am fluent in Sign Language

4 - I take a catnap virtually every afternoon.

5 - I don't know how, but would love to learn how to paint.

6 - I don't like crawly kinds of bugs.

7 - I can't tell jokes

JLee said...

Happy Halloween Alan! (and please be

Green tea said...

I don't really want to post this on my blog, but I'll do it for you Alan.

1. I am only 5'1/2 tall,my mother was 1 inch taller then me and I am 1inch taller then my adult daughter,
who has Identical twins that look like Matt Damon.
At birth one weighed 7lbs 8oz
the other 8lbs.

2. I am a political junkie and have
attended 4 Democratic Conventions.

3 2004 I was elected to cast a vote for John Kerry in the Electoral college.

4. I am a movie nut, especially old movies..

5. I love all music, and lost my role in the Junior High School play
because I skipped practice to go see Elvis at the St. Paul Auditorium.

6. I was always the last one picked
for a neighborhood Jarts game because My Jart always went straight up in the air.

7. I have never gone skinny dipping.