Monday, October 01, 2007

1500 miles, 26 hours...

with 12 hours in Laramie. Left at 2pm on Saturday, in at 4 something this morning. Dottie dozed a bit the last few hours coming home, slept 3 hours and went to work. I slept 9 and have to go get ready for work.

Drug 5 tons of metal up grades to 7700 feet with just under 2 tons of pickup; it survived but I wouldn't want to do it with a V-6 every day!

More later- thank you all for the thoughts and well wishes!



ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Sheesh! And I thought I was hot stuff doing the 850 mile round trip to Indy, leaving Friday at noon and returning Saturday at 9pm!

We dragged a bunny and hutch to, and a homecoming dress from, and talk about FLAT terrain!

Can't hold a candle to you, Alan! Welcome back!

HAR said...

I have been hoping to hear things are good. Any news?

b o o said...

*phew* good rest to you and Dottie, hugss

Barbara said...

Welcome home. You were missed.