Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Double teamed!

My nephew Jordan. Owner of the Galaxy you met not so many posts ago. 16, played JV last year and was starting varsity before the year was out; a sophomore this year he's starting both again. Playing offense and defense!

A week ago Friday he had a fumble recovery in his varsity game; this last Friday he had a sack. The photo is from the JV game on Saturday; they shut out their cross town rival. He was double teamed most of the game. It was the first of his football games I've made it to; I'm hoping to make it to more of them next year!

I told my sister that between his grades (straight A's) and his athletic talents (he also wrestles and throws javelin) that perhaps she won't have to pay for his college.

We ended up with both grandsons Friday and Saturday nights. They went to the game and my brother-in-law's birthday party with us (Jordan's Dad, Mitch). Sunday we took them to the carousel museum; I didn't get all the photos uploaded yet as it was storming last night and when I got up today I went through the photos of Jordan's game to see what I had, then it was time for work. I'll try and post something Wednesday or so...

Tonight though every forecast I heard said that the low would be 40 Dottie heard someone say that it might frost (it's 4AM and it's 40 outside right now) so she brought her plants in for the winter. When I got home I had to dig up the timer and the plant lights...it's late now and I'm going to set up VCR's for tomorrow night and find my way to bed!

I was tagged by Clandestine so I'll try and answer by the weekend...too many hours, too many projects and too little time! Hoping to visit you all in the next day or so...

May the week be kind!



ZBTzahBTzoo said...

Jordan must be exhausted -- the good kind of exhausted! Fingers crossed for athletic scholarships.

We took GBabyZ for a carousel ride on Saturday. I could have kicked myself for not taking the camera -- that kid fueled the ride with his smile!

Green tea said...

How fun is that, I loved it when my oldest g sons were involved in sports .
But nothing was more fun then High School football.
My youngest g sons, are not interested, and I am disappointed.
Enjoy these years Allan..

jlb said...

hi alan,

'just wanted to say thank-you for your comments. they mean a lot to me.

ConnieJane said...

Wow... sounds like you've got quite a kid there!

With the cost of education these days ~ super bonus if he gets a free ride!!!

Good for Jordan!

von Krankipantzen said...

Yay Jordan! I am always impressed with kids who are talented AND well rounded. I can only imagine how hard he works to do it all.

HAR said...

I still remember everything about my first boyfriend in high chool. He played defense. I love football but nothing will ever compare to high school football.

Your daughter has done a great job. Good grades and talent = some type of scholarship!

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

I hope he gets a scholarship.
Smart football players make great men.

Took the kids on a carousel ride yesterday--and also watched the boys play football in the backyard. It's that time of year!
(Frost this morning. And I haven't gotten my bulbs planted yet!)