Friday, December 14, 2007

31 years ago today...

We had had the license for several weeks, but this was the only day she and her cousin, the Navy Chief Petty Officer who introduced us, were both going to have off before Christmas. (Opposite duty sections and his ship was "in and out" at that time, doing shakedown cruises.)

So we met at a San Diego judge's home in Chula Vista after he got home from work that evening. With a couple of the guys I shared a house with, her cousin, and the judge's mother looking on, we got married. I in jeans and a t-shirt, she in jeans and a blouse.

I'd have never dreamed she'd put up with me for this long!

Though she has to work today, I've taken the last of my vacation days for the year; she was off Tuesday and I started them then. When she comes home tonight the shopping will be done, and there will be shrimp, steak and fried mushrooms ready when she gets out of the shower.

Tomorrow we are taking Noel (my younger son's wife) antiquing for part of her birthday, which was Wednesday. When we get back we'll be fixing her "birthday dinner" of "porcupine meatballs".

Sunday will be back to Christmas shopping and trying to tally the lists and "even things out" if that's ever possible, lol!

Monday- back to my 10 hour days (Cracker Lilo sent me a link to a song I need to go check out when Dottie's not sleeping), then next Saturday (the 22nd) I leave to pick up Jordan's car in Laramie and to try and get home before Christmas, safely! My younger son John is making that run with me as Dottie has to work. I've bought chains and set aside some other things, and am planning to be "vewy vewy caweful"! (With my receding hairline past the point of receding anymore, I'm starting to look a bit like old Elmer Fudd!)

So I'll be in and out, but don't know how much bloghopping I'll get done!

So, in this ramp up to the holidays...

May your days be merry, and bright!



ZILLA said...

I was BORN in Chula Vista, in 1962!

Happy anniversary, Alan. And Merry Christmas, early, in case things get crazy-rushed!

robin andrea said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Dottie. Safe travels and journeys to you, too. If you don't blog again before Christmas, a very bright and merry one to you and yours.

robin andrea said...

alan, Roger and I made a little audio track, an updated version of Simon and Garfunkel's 7 0'Clock News - Silent Night. Thought you might like to hear it:
New News Silent Night

KellyNerd said...

Aw, happy anniversary. It is nice to hear a story of life and love that lasts.

You and Dottie are an inspiration to those of us in singledom!

ryssee said...

Quote: "I'd have never dreamed she'd put up with me for this long!"
Alan, dear, read the rest of your post...who wouldn't? You're one of the good ones. I love the wedding story.
Congratulations, and happy, happy anniversary.

Green tea said...

Congratulations to you and Dottie..
Have a safe trip..

Casdok said...

Happy anniversary!

ConnieJane said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Dottie!
She's a lucky gal!

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Happy Anniversary!

What a busy month.
The busier one is this time of year, the more blessed they are.
This is what I must remind myself.

*Back to the online shopping.

Travel safely!

(My dad turned 60 today.)

((My kids would love the Looney Tunes reference.))

Doris said...

Awwww you have much to celebrate :-)

Sometimes the simplest weddings are the best.

Drive safely Elmer! :-D

Heidi said...

{{{{{{ Alan and Dottie}}}}}}}} Happy Anniversary!

HAR said...

I would be honored to have such a kind hearted husband in my life for 31 years. Dotty is a lucky lady.
Be safe and Merry Christmas Alan.

kath said...

we had that sort of wedding too...
I was 18, he was 20.. and we eloped.. my grandma came too.

long story

Something work out others ... not so much.

Dear holy goddess, if I ever stepped out of the shower or came home from work and found a meal made, the shock would kill me before i had a bite . I started doing the family cooking every day when I was ten... and even had to help on sundays when my mom cooked.

That is a dream of mine. coming home from a long day and finding a hot, yummy meal. It only happens when I put it into the crock pot myself that morning... but that is better than nothing.

You are a blessing.. tell your wife that I am a little jealous. take care

Barbara said...

A very happy anniversary to you and Dottie! Thirty-one years and I'm sure you still chase her around the house. (grin)
All the best to you my friend.

Anonymous said...

That is like one of THE best and sweetest stories ever!! Happy Anniversary Alan! :-)

Joonie the Too said...

Happy anniversary, Alan! And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

My husband's niece had a baby girl last week and we decided that instead of hubby and I exchanging gifts, we would spend all that moolah on Baby Allyson. So I went shopping for baby girl stuff this morning and it was the happiest hours I've felt since Thanksgiving.


Lane in PA

fineartist said...

YOU are a keeper, and Dot, well, she is definitely a keeper too.

It always amazes me and makes me lumpy in the throaty to see couples who actually stay together, bound by their hearts and souls.

Love to you both,

jlb said...

happy (belated) anniversary alan. here's to another 31 years...

taza said...

my birthday, your anniversary--what more could a day hope to be (LOL)!?

i know it was a happy day for you two. congrats on staying the course with each other. living with another human being is the hardest thing in the world, i know 'cause i can't do it, though i have tried (up to 3 years in some cases!)

AND, happy birthday to YOU on the 29th!!!!

big hugs all around,

Chandira said...

Happy anniversary!! That's such a cool story. :-)

Robert and I met on vacation, and spent 2 weeks together, then I moved here from England, and we married 3 months later. We didn't have a big wedding either, we got married in secret in November 2000, with just a few witnesses, so I could stay in the country, then got married again, for the family, in February. We just celebrated our 7th anniversary. We think of the November date as our proper anniversary.
We had only been together for 3 months when we got married, and thought the family would freak out!
My mum knew, and his brother, but that's about it.

Sometimes, you just know, don't you?

Have a GREAT Holiday, and Happy New Year, if we don't speak before I take off on Saturday morning!

She's a lucky woman. :-)

TaraDharma said...

belated anniversary congratulations to you and Dottie. The dinner sounds DEE-licious! What a good husband, you are!

von Krankipantzen said...

I'm sorry I missed your anniversary. You both are so lucky to have each other.