Monday, December 03, 2007

What a ride!

Mercifully, we only did 8 hours on Saturday night. I got home just before 2, instead of 4...

Dottie was still up, having let her hours slip closer to mine; now she's paying the price as she's trying to go to sleep at almost 2:30AM and she has to get up at 8. I always try to talk her out of it; sometimes I win, but usually I don't.

I slept 'til noon today, then after some coffee and muffins and re-writing some lists, we headed out to load Santa's sleigh. First was Lowe's though, as 4 of my sand tubes from last year had rotted so they're now in a barrel on the corner of the patio to sand my driveway and the street in front of the house on the bad nights, and 4 new ones replaced them along with the 3 I saved from last year in the bed of my truck, as they're talking about a major rain/snow/ice storm on Thursday night into Friday.

Then it was an electronic store for the first major round. We got all but one game on our list there, filled my truck on the way home and traded it for her car, then set out again. Picked up the other game we needed, hit a bookstore I had some coupons for, then off to clothes shop for the grandkids. In a bit over 5 hours we took care of almost everything.

Now Dottie will spend the next few evenings logging it all, adding it all up to try and make sure things are even between all the kids and grandkids, then there will be some juggling things as there are some birthdays coming early in the year if she's over, or picking up a few odds and ends to even things out. Hopefully (finger and toes crossed) there are only a few more forays into the holiday throng before it's all done!

Which is good because I'm scheduled for 6 days again this next week, and she has Friday off and then works the weekend.

I got a letter back from one of my state Senators about his views on the "Matthew Shepard Act" (Senate Bill S-1105). He didn't please me at all with it, and I had planned to post it tonight along with my reply, but that was when I thought my wife would be asleep 3 hours ago...I am going to write my reply tonight and will try and get it posted in the next few days.

Forgive my scarcity of late, life's been a bit of a whirl!

May the week be kind to each of you!



kath said...

A husband who actually helps with holiday shopping..who cooks and clearly loves being with his wife. You are a marvel indeed.

I have always done the holiday prep on my own.. lights, tree decorating etc.. in included.We have a prelit pencil tree these days.... and he will put it together.. eventually...if I keep at him.

I wish that i had someone in my life who would actually share my life with me. You know. there is someone.. I met k years ago and fell hopelessly in love. I wonder what it would be like?

Anyway.. my kids are coming and that is all that matters..

you are a sweet man, Alan....

robin andrea said...

Whew! You pack more into one day than roger and I do in a month. I don't know where you and Dottie get the energy.

I'd love to read your letter and the reply about the Matthew Shepard Act. I have a feeling the reply is going to make me angry and/or sad. But that's what the world is like these days.

Dr. Deb said...

Things are in a whirl!

I hope things slow down some soon for you and Dottie.

Puffer said...

i heart u

Green tea said...

Don't apologize Alan, it is a busy time of year and you do need to sleep once in a while too.
Have fun shopping..Hubba and I gave it up a couple years ago and just write out checks..too many g kids, not enough time..Their eyes light up when Gramps hands out the checks..
It isn't fun shopping for them when they hit puberty and have developed
certain tastes..

Hahn at Home said...

Alan, I want to thank you for trying to make the world a better place, for your service to the military, and for your continued efforts to fight the good fight on behalf of those who often don't have power to speak for themselves.