Thursday, December 20, 2007

What fools these mortals be!

I've spent my little bits of free time this week gathering things for the road trip this weekend. Log chain, tow strap, come-a-long, 12V electric impact, space blankets, extra gloves...

The zipper in Dad's snowmobile suit disintigrated last winter, and I'm back in that size range again, so while Christmas shopping last week I found one that fit at Sears for almost half off. I dug out my "long underwear" and a couple pair of heavy socks, along with my old "felt pack" boots I've taped back together several times through the years, and once again taped them up.

Conversation with youngest son, my co-driver this weekend.

"I have a snowmobile suit that will fit you, and a double layer knit hat, but no boots. My last pair was $18 at Wal-Mart."

"I've got my sneakers, Dad. I'm sure my feet will be just fine. They might get a little cold, but I'll be OK."

Spoken by someone who has never seen his feet bluish purple as I have!

So I slipped out to Wal-Mart yesterday afternoon; no $18 boots, but a set for $34 that are rated to -40F. I also packed most of the things mentioned in the beginning behind the seat, cleaned all the glass inside and out and Rain-X'd it as it's supposed to be rain/snow all the way to the Colorado line on Saturday. Friday and early on Saturday they are supposed to get 1-2 feet of snow, so hopefully by the time I'm climbing out of Denver heading north at midnight on Saturday they will have cleared everything!

Many years ago now I made the mistake of baking brownies to take in to each of the groups of people I stock for. The last time I did it it was 14 pans. Last year I took vacation, and had not planned to start doing this again.

A few months ago a guy who had been around back then actually transferred to one of the teams I stock for now, saying "Christmas is coming and I am really looking forward to some of those brownies"!

So last night I came home at 4AM and made 3 pans; right now three more are in the oven. When I come home tonight I have one more round, and that's it! I know someone's feelings are going to be hurt, but I just can't give up any more sleep and survive this weekend!

Tomorrow Dottie is off, Saturday I leave for Laramie; I'll hopefully be back early Monday morning. Dottie is working Christmas Eve so if everything works out I'll try to leave a short post on Monday just to say I'm home and everything is OK...

May Friday be kind; may this last shopping weekend find you with all the gifts you need and time to wrap them!

Happy Holidays to each and every one of you; I love you all very much!



robin andrea said...

Have a safe journey, alan. That's a long way to travel in winter. Your survival kit sounds just right. Hope you won't need those heavy -40F boots, but your son will be glad to have them if you do. I lived in Colorado for four years. Sneakers in winter will just not do. Take care.

Deb said...

I can never wear warm enough boots!!! I double layer my socks so my feet stay warm. Maybe your son has superhuman feet?

Blessings to you, Dotty and the kids/grandkids this Christmas. I hope 2008 will be a wonderful year for you all.


ZILLA said...

As much as this barefoot girl resents the fact, warm boots are the KEY to comfort these frigid months. Maybe even more important than a good hat!

I'd've helped you out with the brownie baking, Alan, if only you'd asked. Who wouldn't trade a few hours of sleep for the scent of fresh baked brownies wafting through the house, even if they're for someone else to eat!

I've got a penchant for corner brownies, just like my dad. Some people prefer the soft & gooey centers, but those crusty-chewie corners ... OH MY GOD! To DIE for!!!

Safe travels, and a very merry Christmas to you and all of yours!

von Krankipantzen said...

You drive safely!

And I sure wish I was getting some brownies. Yummy!

Doris said...

Gosh Alan - you are amazing!

I thought you had already done the trip ..... I hope it is straightforward but just interesting enough in the OK places.

Be safe and have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas.

Sending you warmth and love :-)

Barbara said...

Safe trip my friend. Please do pop in when you get back just to let us know that everything went well.
All the very best of the holidays to you and your beautiful family.
Hugs, Barb

Jess said...

Good luck! Be safe! And Merry Christmas Alan! :-)

Joonie the Too said...

You have a safe trip, my friend. I lived in Idaho Falls for 5 years and I would say you have done a very good job of preparing for the trip to Laramie. You got any of those hand warmer packets, those chemical catalyst things? Great for keeping feet warm, too! (Thinking about your son and his "thermal" sneakers.) *shaking my head*

Stay warm, stay safe, and I'll keep you and your boy in my thoughts and prayers.

Merry Christmas!

Lane in PA (we're gonna have a white Christmas this year!)

CrackerLilo said...

Doesn't it suck when you start something and can't continue the way you used to? I totally feel for you.

Hope the holidays are good for you!

ryssee said...

Be safe!

fineartist said...

Brownies, um, back in my KC days...we used to make up batches of "special" brownies, man that was a long long time ago. And I can't believe I'm typing that out loud, but I know YOU wont rat me out to my students or kids.

Be safe Alan because we love you so so much!


Mary said...

Have a wonderful holiday season.

Tomorrow we leave for northen MN. It is usually a 4 hour drive but I am afraid it will take us at least 5-6 in the snow that they are predicting. We are celebrating with my family this weekend.

I have been a terrible blog friend in the last 8 months. I hope you forgive me.

Take care and love you,


dragonflyfilly said...

hey there alan,
Friday was kind, and today it is snowing -- i could use those boots now, heh heh...

anyway Mr. Brownie Man, have a wonderful Christmas, and see you in the new year.

cheers for now,

KellyNerd said...

Such fun!

I have been snowmobiling once a very long time ago and it was so much fun!!

Merry ho ho!

Lori said...

My kids are the same way when they play out in the snow! Remember when we were kids and used to wrap our feet in bread sacks before sticking them into those slip-on rubber boots? My feet were always freezing!

You are so nice to make all of those brownies - wow! May the love you show to others come back to you tenfold this Christmas.

Be careful out's a horrible mess out there today.

Green tea said...

Hope you have a safe trip.

We had our family Christmas today, I posted about it.
It goes by so fast.
Christmas Day we will go to Southern Minnesota between St. Peter my home town and Mankato to celebrate with my brother and his family.
It will be a little sad there, it was his 23 year old granddaughter that died last summer.
A trial coming up in February will be on all of our minds,

Have a wonderful time with your family and Happy Holidays to everyone