Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another attempt at an update...

When I tried to do this yesterday, Blogger decided my words should be translated into Hindi. Earlier in the week as I was trying to figure out why comments appeared and disappeared, I had changed a setting I should have apparently left alone...

My last post I left up for a few days because I was rather proud of it; there really wasn't a lot going on here anyway until Friday, Dottie's day off. My only real accomplishment besides a few sessions in my "gym" downstairs and watching some of the Olympics was possibly tracking down a "brake band" for my old chainsaw so I don't have to replace it. It arrived yesterday, so in a bit I'll go take it apart and see if it's the right one.

Friday morning we went to see "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". Enjoyable with some unexpected turns; always a plus.

The 2nd movie was one I was looking forward to and afraid it might "get away" before I got to see it: "Swing Vote". I'd have sat through it a second time; damn good movie! I swear if I could I'd send you each a ticket...

Bill came for dinner that evening and we "caught up" and they watched "Stargate: Atlantis" while I slipped downstairs for a bit. Yesterday I started my day with a run to the hazardous waste drop to get rid of a half a car battery someone through in John's yard after a wreck at the corner below his house, then Wal-Mart and Costco before coming home to mow.

Netflix had their system up and running finally, after a few days downtime (and a credit to our account) They shipped us out 3 movies, the first of which we watched last night: "Big Trouble", a riot from 2002 that has so many name actors in it I don't know how I missed it when it was new, Tim Allen and Rene Russo being the leads, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (director of "Men In Black").

So tonight when Dottie gets home it's either "Beowulf" or "Grace is Gone"...

Off to grab some breakfast and then go see if that chainsaw is smarter than I am!

May Sunday be kind to each of you!



ZILLA said...

Chainsaw's got nothin' on you, which is not to say that the brake band will be the right one, so good luck!

I've been wanting to see "Swing Vote," but we've been so busy recently, I'll probably have to wait for the video. Hope to catch up on movies and reading come November, but then there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas to orchestrate...oy!

HAR said...

I want to just take a day and spend it in the movie theatre. There are a few movies that I want to see. I always enjoy a movie more at the theatre.

Do you feel any more relaxed now that you are "retired?"

Sublime said...

Hi Alan,

Good to "see" you again! I was just over on Connie Jane's blog and saw your comment, so I thought I'd stop by and say hi.

I've seen some really good movies this summer, so I'll throw my two cents in for recommendations. Check out: Into The Wild, The Kite Runner, and SurfWise. Not sure if the last one is out on DVD yet, but it's an interesting one to watch out for.

Btw, I'm trying to get The Big Question back up and running. Stop over and post an answer if you feel moved to.

Take care,

robin andrea said...

I'm catching up on my favorite blogs, alan. Always glad to find move reviews here. I'll have to add some titles to my netflix cue.

I read your rant (the one that had mentioned that 2/3 of all corporations don't pay any income tax) and say thank you for that. I was pretty miffed about that myself.