Saturday, August 30, 2008

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or "You can die for this country, but don't expect to be voting"!

"Voter Registration Drives Barred from Vets Homes"

Just a snippet...

"The VA has since explained that its decision to evict Preminger was part of a Bush Administration policy that bars outside groups from registering voters who live in VA nursing homes, hospitals, and transitional housing for homeless veterans.

In an e-mailed response to questions for this story, VA press secretary Alison Aikele said that "designating a VA hospital as a voter registration site" would make it harder for the government to care for wounded veterans. It "would be disruptive to the quality care we provide our veterans," she said.

Veterans groups have expressed outrage over the policy, which they say is disenfranchising as many as 400,000 veterans who often do not know they need to re-register to vote when they move into a VA facility and it becomes their official, state-sanctioned address. The VA has even barred local elections officials from carrying out voter registration drives."


Growing up, I remember reading about Patrick Henry "Pappy" McMahon, a WW2 Machinist Mate aboard a PT boat in the South Pacific. When their "boat" was cut in two one dark night by a Japanese destroyer and sunk, McMahon, having been below decks, was badly burned. His lieutenant, despite having re-injured a pre-war back injury, spent 3 hours towing him to the floating remains of their craft, then, having seen a small island, led the 11 survivors to it. He towed McMahon using a life jacket...with the strap in his teeth! 15 hours in the water from the time of the collision...

4 days later they swam again to a slightly larger island as they found no food on the 1st one. Again, with the lieutenant towing "Pappy" in his life jacket with the strap in his teeth. This led to their finding natives and their eventual rescue.

The lieutenant was later awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his heroics. McMahon survived his injuries and went to work for the U.S. Postal Service.

In 1960 the lieutenant was seeking public office and McMahon and some his fellow survivors decided they wanted to thank him by campaigning for him. This led to his being told by his superiors that he wasn't allowed to because he was a government employee!

Later this decision was altered, as I recall by court order, to say that government employees couldn't campaign during work hours, or wearing their uniforms...

So once again, we've been here before! And once again, the Bush administration seems intent on forcing it's own interpretation of things!

I mean, who wants a bunch of veterans who have been denied care, made to jump through hoops to get what was promised them, and seen those they served with stonewalled in some cases to death to register to VOTE!

By the way, for those who might not know, that lieutenant I mentioned above?

His name was John F. Kennedy...

That link will take you to his naval record.

Forgive my rant...I just can't believe that some of the things being foisted on us right now!

May your weekends be kind!



zilla said...

I've registered voters, and, yes, there are rules about how and where it can be done. For example, we are not allowed to set up booths at events; rather, we must carry clipboards and pens and walk among people. It's actually more effective anyway, to ask people directly rather than wait for people to visit a booth.

It's one sheet of paper requiring the usual information, and two signatures. The entire quiet process takes five minutes or less, one-on-one.

Our county clerk is currently so swamped with new voter registration forms that she's become very persnickety and turns away any form that is not letter-perfect. I say HIRE A TEMP if that's what it takes to DO YOUR JOB!

It is morally reprehensible to strip rights from men who've served.

Until the government gets its collective head out of its ass, families, friends, concerned individuals need to step up and step in. It is not illegal to visit a vet during visiting hours, and it is not illegal to ask anyone, ever, if he or she would like to register to vote!

This VA nonsense will not stand.

I challenge everyone who reads here to register a vet!

Better yet, register a vet and then befriend him!

Barbara said...

Shame, shame, shame! How dare the government deny easy access to voter registration to vets. In my mind, they, more than any deserve every accommodation. After all aren't they the ones getting maimed and traumatized on behalf of the rest of us?

taza said...

hey alan
thanks for the nice comments~
i hope all is well in your neck of the world!
politics has survived nicely without me thus far and i assume will continue to do so~
but of course i am going to vote!
bless your heart for all your good deeds and kindnesses.

Anonymous said...

I cannot comment on things I know nothing about but wanted to say hello and hi and happy weekend! =)

Anji said...

I can't believe I read that.

Connie in FL said...

Is there no one in this administration with common sense? Why aren't there voters registration forms in with the recruiting packets and/or deployment orders?

The stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Connie in FL said...

Is there no one in this administration with common sense? Why aren't there voters registration forms in with the recruiting packets and/or deployment orders?

The stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

zilla said...

Pssst: Great post. I absolutely appreciated the emailed heads-up about it because it sometimes takes Bloglines HOURS to update.


Green tea said...

Great post Alan..
Spent many years registering voters.
Got kicked out of a near by nursing home once.
I guess as time goes by and I am older I understand the reason.
Maybe the VFW or American Legion should be involved in registering them.

If you want to read a very interesting blog Alan.
One P'oed Alaskan..some interesting stuff there about McCains choice

ryssee said...

No end to it is there?

Mary said...

The great thing about MN is you can register to vote the same day of the election. Being this way forever, I missed out on one election when I moved to Texas and realized it was different in every state.


Miss ya,


Casdok said...

Its good to have a rant every now and again!