Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not the post I had planned...

but the one I can't ignore!

I saw this at a friends and knew I had to put it up...

Thank you, Tara!

Dottie is off tomorrow, so I'll be around on Saturday unless someone decides I need to do something else, lol!

May the rest of your weeks be kind and the (for those who get one) holiday weekend fantastic!



Deb said...

Wow that Youtube video was scary and informative at the same time.

CrackerLilo said...

Hope you have an excellent holiday!

As for me, surf's up!

beckyboop said...

I have no idea why there are female republicans. I had no idea McCain was the one who was behind making birth control unavailable on perscription plans. One of the big problems with our healthcare system, it is not proactive. It is reactive. Doctors have to treat the symptom first with some cheap ass perscription instaed of running the appropriate tests. In many cases, the patient dies before they are properly diagnosed. Don't get me going... The republican way of thinking freaks me out.

zilla said...

I think I know who Becky's voting for...

Problem is, RTL McCain supporters support him based on the single issue of anti-choice.

We're refusing to say "pro-life" anymore because pro-choice does not mean anti-life, but pro-life means "anti-choice."

Two words about abstinence: F*ck it!

Four more: MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR!


Josephine said...

You know, US politics freaks me out sometimes, really it does.

How anyone can be on the ticket to be elected for one of the two main political parties whilst holding some of the views that Bush/McCain hold just baffles me.

It's interesting contrasting US politics with the UK. My take is that the 'bell curve' of opinion (or, in fact, almost anything) in the US is much wider. The US has more brilliant people than anywhere else in the world, and more crazy people too. Through the political system, it kind of 'averages out' (usually) to occupy a broad liberal democratic middle ground...except that just two parties attempt to contain all this vast spread of opinion - and occasionally you will get moments when extremism (depending on where you happen to stand on that bell curve) bubbles up onto the political agenda because of the huge span the parties have.

The US actually needs about nine political parties. How many people live there?! And there's, essentially, two? It isn't proper choice, and it leads to a whole lot of people being asked to try and absorb an immense range of standpoints held by these two parties (when plenty of figures in the parties think plenty of different things often as well),and getting completely confused/ disinterested. Or - ending up as single issue voters - because that's the easiest thing to focus on.

I read somewhere someone calling the US the '50/50 nation', and I think that is where you'll stay in the next election and the one after and on and on, until someone figures how to create parties people understand, relate to, and offer clarity?

In the UK, the two biggest parties (we have three main ones) occupy a much narrower political spectrum in some respects. Some of the stuff that gets airplay in the Republican party wouldn't ever make it into a Conservative party speech - it would be political suicide. But thereagain, the Christian Right is a much smaller deal over here (though it is growing).

Europe is of course different (and in fact the UK is pretty different to most of Europe too). Different traditions. Just as many assholes, of course, just working with a different system!

And all that said...

Go Obama! (Please God, for the sake of the world,not McCain)

(Did anyone see Putin saying he thinks someone (ie Bush/McCain's people?) stirred up the whole Georgia thing to give the US a chance to do some good old fashioned, vote winning, Russia-bashing?)

Just my thoughts from over the pond ;-)

von Krankipantzen said...

Wow, wow and WOW! Just wow.

Green tea said...

A friend sent me this video,,
I wish that Obama campaign would pick it up as a commercial.
I also saw McCain confronted about his vote against birth control.
He didn't seem to remember it..
scary huh??

No_Newz said...

God puts politicians in different bodies so we can tell them apart, ya know. ;)

Have a great holiday weekend!

Sassy said...

I'm so glad to have a three day weekend!

May your weeks be kind =)

Chandira said...

Despite my recent bout of political blogging, I do try to stay clear of politics, as it has the capacity to drive me COMPLETELY NUTS!! lol
I could do myself some serious damage when tempted to bang my head on the wall repeatedly to relieve the pressure in my brain. Seems pretty ****ing straight forward to me.

Have a great weekend Alan!

(Jo, yes, I saw the Georgia thing).

Chandira said...

PS, that video is no longer available, looks like it was taken down.
What was it? I hadn't got that far yet. It's just like me to leave a comment and then try watching, huh? ;-)

JLee said...

I didn't realize the part about birth control and insurance. That is crazy! Thanks for the info and have a great weekend!

HAR said...

That's what makes this such a great country. Freedom. Freedom to get involved in issues that matter to you and freedom to oppose those who disagree. Gotta love America.