Sunday, March 01, 2009

The heat of the day...

from earlier in the week when we were pushing the 70's (almost 20C.), to right now it's 20 Farenheit (-7C.). Last night it was 6 above O on the old scale, or -14C. without the never-ending wind.

Added to that is the 4-5 inches of snow that fell between Friday night and yesterday afternoon...

Dottie was off on Friday, working the weekend. John needed a babysitter for all 3 kids on Friday night so we kept them, one in here on the bed, one on the couch, one on my exercise mat on the floor (made up with "Cars" sheets, of course). He came and got them about noon yesterday and I spent my afternoon shoveling and transcribing family military service history back to the "Civil" War for my nephew who is applying for a VFW scholarship. Getting all of the oral things I was told through the years written down was probably a good thing, so I printed an extra copy and tucked it away for future generations. I know it's not complete, but the families have spread out so widely through the years that I have no idea about anyone beyond "first cousins". I have a letter one great-uncle wrote my grandfather about the "old soldiers home" he was living in in the early 60's telling him horror stories and that no matter what happened he didn't want to end up in one; I found out yesterday that great-uncle's oldest was a Japanese POW aboard an "exchange ship" in 1944 when it was accidentally sunk by the Americans.

I can't imagine...

Today I'm running laundry and catching up other odds and ends here. Like the proverbial rabbits, they never seem to diminish.

It seems our Governor is the next choice for a cabinet post; she's done very well for us on so many fronts, I hope she fares well and can do the same for our country!

I dread losing her, though because of term limits we'd have lost her in 2010 anyway!

May Monday find you warm and dry, employed if you need to be and happy no matter what!



Calamity Jen said...

How wonderful that you are putting some of your family history down in writing. That kind of information is so precious!

robin andrea said...

It is such a good thing to write down the family history. So much of it gets lost over time.

I hope your next governor is as good for your state as Sebelius was.

Sassy said...

I'm so sick of this weather! It's warm, cold...warm, cold.


Chandira said...

Ack, sorry about your weather..
Ours has been a little better, at least no snow this weekend! We had a day's worth last week. I'm done, and ready for spring bulbs and flowers.

All the old soldiers I know or knew, could never talk about what they did or where they went, and I think that had a huge effect on me. I can't imagine... Let's hope I never have to.

I had a friend in the Royal Marines though, that used to talk occasionally, he was such an amazing guy, I wish I'd stayed in touch.
Family history is coming together piece by piece for us, my aunt is really into that, and so is one of our distant cousins, and between them, they've really created a big picture, it's fascinating. I have people who are 5th generation Australians, and all sorts in my family tree, it's really cool.

Green tea said...

cold and dreary here too Alan, but forcast sounds good.

My Father in law served in WW1 and WWll
don't have much info about the first war since my Hubba wasn't born yet then..but after his death my Hubba got a box that included pictures and souvenirs from his service in WWll
Among the items was what he thought was a Japanese diary.
After we had it translated we found out it was an address book.
I wish he had tried to find the
family it belonged too.

ryssee said...

Wow, what a great project. Can you get it online at all?
I put together a photo album of turn-of-the-century through mid-century pictures from my dad's side of the family that I hope to give my nieces one day. They were all in shoeboxes, and together with the albums my mom faithfully kept and the 60's-70's slides that were scanned for us when he died, I think it will leave them a nice family history.
A foot of snow today here, and sinking to 12F tonight. Ugh.

zilla said...

"Fair and -8°F."

Since when is -8°F FAIR?

Best of luck to your nephew on winning the scholarship. With all of that service in the family, he's more than earned his way, I think.

LucyTolliday said...

Hope your nephew gets the scholarship and it warms up a bit.

kath said...

Just stopping by with a hug and hello. I am glad to see that your life is looking good and busy.....
take care...