Thursday, March 19, 2009


When Bill moved we took in Laura's cats, two 8 year old males, until they can afford a house. In D.C..

We of course, already had an old dog and a 2 year old male cat of our own.

Last week one of my projects was putting a screen door on a bedroom because it was that or buy another 110 window unit air conditioner for that room and pay the bill. The door was cheaper...

Because one of their cats will eat anything in sight, cat food, dog food, the trash. The other one likes to hide and we feared him getting in the basement and not being able to find him.

Also, Frankie doesn't much care for either of them. So he has the run of the house, they have the run of the front bedroom and in the evenings while Frankie's napping on our bed, we let Alley and Willow run loose after we cover the dog food and shut our bedroom door (keeping Willow out of the basement).

I pan for cat turds twice a day now because her cats are huge and they are sharing a litter box...and feed them twice day, holding Alley's food dish so he doesn't eat too fast and make himself "yak".

So, I was about petted out to begin with.

John is taking Noel on a trip for their 10th anniversary. My sister has all 3 kids right now, we'll have Dillon over the weekend and Cindy will be moving to their house on Sunday to get the kids off to school on Monday (they're on break this week).

So he brought their two dogs over this afternoon. A full grown shepard and a knee high something-or-other. So now in addition to the screen door I have two kiddie gates on either end of the kitchen to control who gets to Angel's food and to control who is near the back door to go outside. (One lead and the yard isn't fenced.) Of course that means we get to put them up and take them down each time we need through, or we get to vault them...

And we get to drive to their house twice a day to feed their two cats!

I'm glad I'm already pretty much bald!

May Friday be kind and your weekends be wonderful!



zilla said...

Oh sweet Jesus.

You know I'd pitch in panning turds, or in any other practical way possible, if you were only around the block or across the street or next door!

Chin up, elbows out, soldier on, and know I'm with you in spirit!

Teresa said...

Ah yes, multiple large cats! Our three use an oversize catbox made with one of those underbed storage containers, very clever that Amber is :)

von Krankipantzen said...

This sounds so familiar to me and I only have 2 cats. One is a 'gulper until it's gone' type of eater and the other is a 'nibbler to make it last' kind of eater. So the gulper eats his food locked in the bathroom all night so the other can nibble at will. Lord.

Riot Kitty said...

Oh man! This is brother put three cats ON A PLANE and told me they were coming. Two of them were his cats, and he promised to take them back as soon as he graduated from college...guess who got stuck with them forever?

dragonflyfilly said...

Hi Alan, i love my cat as you probably know...but lately she has been driving me crazy...i don't know...will have to check with Dr. Deb to see if you knows anything about "Feline Dementia"...she growls all night long, trying to get me to get up and play with her. As a result i am turning into a bit of a night is now 4:32 am and i am still not in my bed where i belong...she has taken to scratching at my bedroom door, so now i have to baracade it with big shopping ags so she can't get at it...cripes...any suggestions? - (other than taking her to the vet that is!)


ryssee said...

Sounds like you're the local animal control officer!
We have an eat-til-it-yaks cat too. Fortunately, she cleans up after herself, if you know what I mean. ;-)
PS Panning for turds. LOL!

robin andrea said...

That's quite a menagerie you have there, alan. I don't know how you do it. My twin brother and SIL won't let us drop our kitty cat off at their house when we need to go out of town for a few days. And they GAVE US THE CAT!!! We always have cat caregivers come to the house to take care of our boy. I do wish, though, I could take him somewhere. Too bad you live so far away. Hah!

kath said...

3 cats and a dog sounds about perfect to me :)

We just never travel together....
That family of yours knows how good they have it, I am sure :)

Nothing much new here.. one of "those" weeks last week. I swear if I would have spilled one more thing, or broken another .. I would have loke myself in my bedroom and hid under the bed. But its the weekend and all is well with the world.
huggs to you !

No_Newz said...

Well Doctor Doolittle, sounds like par for the course for me. :) Sending a friendly wag and pur in your general direction. :)

Connie in FL said...

LOL! You have such a way with words.

I too "pan for cat turds" and will think of you when I do so fron now on.

LucyTolliday said...

I thought its hard work with just 2 cats anti with totally different personalities.