Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

and after a madcap week of shopping, cleaning, rearranging the house for guests, wrapping and more shopping it's all come down to these last few hours.

Bill and Laura and Obie just got here after a 19 hour drive straight-through from Maryland. Obie apparently did well on his first road trip, especially for a shelter dog who was so very sick when they adopted him. He's made friends with Angel and peace with Frankie, so that bodes well for the human's holidays!

What the poor dog doesn't know is that the rain they drove through for about half their trip is starting to freeze right now and we're in for some of that good old Kansas ice before 8 inches or so of snow comes down over it. Apparently he wasn't very happy with the blizzard they had last weekend in D.C. and here they've driven him into another one for Christmas!

Dottie works today and then since she just had her annual review, a slight pay increase and a warning that it's very hard to use up 4 weeks of vacation so she should spread it out, she turned around and said "OK, what about next week while my son is here?". Her boss said that would be great and (so far) none of the higher-ups have rescinded it so we're hoping she's off until New Year's Day!

So that will be a treat for the whole family...

I hadn't planned on her being off on my birthday (the 29th) and had planned to bake my own cake, along with maybe sneaking off to an arthouse movie that I know she wouldn't have liked; instead I'll be trading my movie for her making her Mom's chocolate cake, the "Miracle Whip" one that has been my favorite chocolate one since the first one I ever tasted...I remember observing that if they buried the Pharoah's with things for their next life, she needed to bury me with one of those cakes! That was before I settled on cremation; there's no way I could waste one of those cakes that way!

I am adding all that because with extra houseguests and my antiblogging spouse at home, the chances of me getting here are slim to none!

May Christmas find you near to those you hold dear, in your hearts if not in person. I hold each of you that way; you have all come to mean so very much to me!

And may 2010 be the Happiest of New Years for you all! We are all due for some bluer skies and maybe that silver lining I keep hearing of...

Though in truth, the silver lining is here...with each of you!

May your days be Merry and Bright!



Connie in FL said...

Marry Christmas Alan!
Enjoy your family and Dottie's time off.... AND,
Happy Birthday!

Green tea said...

I hope you had a great Christmas with your family.
My Brothers birthday is on the 29th too.
Happy early Birthday Alan :)

Anonymous said...


Anji said...

I hope that your Christmas day went well and that you're all safe and warm. Enjoy your birthday cake; "Miracle Whip" sounds very interesting.

ryssee said...

So glad your son and his wife made it safely! I thought about that a lot the last couple of days.
Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. I did!

GirlWhoShould said...

Hoping you had a fabulous christmas and wishing a happy new year.
Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely xmas with your family. The doggie is adorable!

Samantha said...

A belated Merry Christmas! I love that picture of Obie!