Sunday, June 11, 2006

And poof the weekend's gone!

Dillon (my oldest grandson) came to spend the night Friday night, so when Dottie got up to go to work Saturday morning, I got up and cooked breakfast then we took our bikes and went to the park for a couple of hours. Dillon really wants to practice enough to get his training wheels off, so going to try to do that a couple of days a week before work now that he's out of school for a bit.

Met my nephew at Dave and Buster's earlier for the arcade time we promised him as the rest of his graduation. He leaves for Wyoming in two weeks, so he's making the rounds of the family saying his goodbyes. Right now he's at his grandmother's for a family birthday, then he's coming back here this evening for dinner after Dottie gets off work, then we're going to the art house to see "Thank You For Smoking". He saw previews for it when I took him to see "The World's Fastest Indian" and really wants to see it before he goes.

Hope each of you is having a great weekend; hope to do some "blog-hopping" tonight and catch up with you all!

How is it that life can just keep getting busier...?



TDharma said...

Life, indeed, just kepts gettin' busier! Talking with the Bums yesterday, over strawberries and cheeses, they were plum worn out with all the family visiting they've done since Tuesday. I saw them briefly in my busy weekend, and next week is even busier with graduation, family coming, oy vey! Well, we just keep keeping on, don't we? Let us know how you like "Thank You," it looks good.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

What a wonderful time cooking and biking with your grandson. Totally special all around, even for us reading it!


puhpaul said...

I think the time you got to spend with your grandson was much more valuable than any time you share with us. Have a great week Alan.


dragonflyfilly said...

if you want to know what that photo is you are going to have to visit my blog, heh heh...

anyway, hi alan, nice to see you again, as above, i.e. ditto my comment to Deb

cherish said...

I think your life is busy because you embrace life to the fullest. You are surrounded by your family and most definitely a proud patriarch!!!

Mystical Me said...

HI sweetheart, I hope all is well & do know I miss you tremendously. Take care & know your always in my thoughts. Love always, MM XOXO