Friday, June 02, 2006


Why is it a 4 day week can seem longer than a 5 day one sometimes?

It really was 8 hours last night; I didn't get to bed any sooner (I should never have sat down here!) but somehow it feels better! Up early to pay some bills online, then hit the gym for the 3rd of my 3 day "split".

Dottie is off this weekend; my younger son and his family are returning from vacation, I need to mow (and, and, and) so I won't be around much 'til Monday. I keep reading other posts about spouses who don't appreciate the time spent here; mine is that way as well. She also doesn't approve of blogs, chat programs, or!

You'd think as long as it wasn't "educational material"!


May you each have a lovely weekend!



Patricia said...

i agree with 4-day weeks sometimes appearing longer. i think i set myself up for it to feel so super-short that it drags in comparison. enjoy your weekend!

dragonflyfilly said...

hi alan thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the compliment, i have changed a bit since that photo, but....oh well.(you can check back to my post if you want to get the full, long sad story, hah hah!)

i have some nice and unusual recipies i mean to put up for recipe see you soon...

ah, relationships...yeah, i would probably be a bit peeved if my spouse (if i had one) spent more time on the Blogs than with me...but time alone to do stuff other than interact with spouse is important too, and i think you know how to balance that! i guess it is all about trust, self-acceptance and so forth...say hi to Dottie for me, and tell her i understand...(if that makes any difference at all)...for the last 5 years of my marriage i was very lonely, as i felt so neglected by my husband, yet tied to that i am single i am not lonely anymore, because i have hope that i might meet someone who will enhance my life, but at the same time i am content with my life and the friends that i choose to be i agree with her about the Chat rooms, some of them are just plain rubbishy)...
have a fun weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv, etc,

cherish said...

Have a great weekend Alan!!!

Its kind of funny because we are home, would they rather us out and about cruising town?

Heidi said...

Oh Alan..Dottie would luv us! LOL

Have a great weekend~

boo said...

have a gr8 weekend. stop blogging. go spend time with your wife & family {{alan}}

kath said...

I agree.. it was a four day week for me to.... and not only that .. it is only ten more days till the short break at school, the one we have before summer program starts..

it was never-ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ConnieJane said...

Happy Weekend, Alan!

Jon-Marc said...

Ric (my husband), gets a bit POed as well. However much of my work is done on the computer so he usually keeps his mouth shut. Plus we both have laptops and are on at the same time a lot and given the fact that we live in a loft we can talk to each other no matter where we are sitting.

AND, congrats on the progress made from working out!

Keep well and keep happy,


TDharma said...

my missus is amused, actually. She doesn't 'get it' but she stops by when at work to see what I've been working on. She loves computer games, so she understands that part of a preoccupation.

My fillet minon last night was a bit o' heaven...hope you've thawed something wonderful for you and Dottie to share tonight!

CrackerLilo said...

I think the Tuesday after a long weekend is like a double Monday, there's so much catching up!

I understand about Dottie wanting quality time, too--and being told to get off the damn computer! Right now L'Ailee just wants to sew. :-)

Enjoy your normal-length weekend and catching up!