Thursday, June 29, 2006


Talia is doing well. Noel said she cried a bit when she woke up today, otherwise she was doing well. Soft diet, and she gets to pick what's on the TV and her brother's were told it's her turn, lol!

Two more shifts before our two week shutdown! I'm so (desperately) looking forward to this!

I did finally find the "export as HTML" for my bookmarks (I run Opera for a browser because no one writes viruses for it), so am transferring the HTML document and a few photo retouching programs to the laptop in a few minutes. I already loaded Photoshop and Nikon View. It doesn't have a built in card reader, so I bought a Dazzle one so I don't have to unhitch mine to take; it supposedly has a faster transfer rate than my old one, so every little bit helps I guess. I can always use the USB cord for the camera as well, but they warn against wearing out the camera port as it's where the "cable release" also plugs in; I'd rather pop my CF cards out at this point.

I've been cutting my sleep a bit short (6 hours or so) to get those things done and still have time in the gym. Monday was chest, back, abs and cardio. Wednesday was shoulders, arms, abs and cardio. Today will be legs, abs and cardio. If I'm lucky I'm going to slip back in tomorrow and do a straight 3 hours of cardio, as I don't know how much time I'll have to walk on our little excursion next week, but know I'll be eating less than healthily!

Hopefully the Northeast dries out a bit before the middle of next week, because if the New York Thruway is still closed, I don't have a "stamped" copy of my birth certificate and my wife's we'd have to get from Vermont, so cutting through Canada isn't an option, lol! Pennsylvania's in as bad a shape as New York at the moment, so I-70 might not fare any better!

Meanwhile I heard tonight they shut down some Interstate out west because of wildfires...but we haven't screwed up the atmosphere, oh no!!!

Hopefully all of you are dry and comfortable!



scrappy rose said...

You would get my to do lists done in about 10 minutes and then be off to the You are very disciplined!! Have a great time on your vaca!!

puhpaul said...

I didn't know the border folk were implementing the new regulations until October 2007. Oh well.

Have an excellent vacation.


I n g e r said...

Oh, I can just feel the excitement!! Happy vacation, Alan! Can't wait to see pics and hear tales.

alan said...

Paul, perhaps they aren't already in place; when I called home last night and told her the Thruway was closed and joked about going to Vermont through Canada, she said we couldn't as neither of us had a birth certificate they would accept.

If it keeps raining, I may be checking on that this weekend!

Barbara said...

Did someone say Road Trip?! Sounds like you are in for quite an adventure.

I wouldn't worry too much about the birth certificates as far as getting into Canada (haven't you heard, we welcome everyone. LOL). You'll most likely need them to re-enter the US. Better yet, get a passport. Lise and I are renewing our passports so we can take Sunday visits to her cousin in Grosse Point.

Anyway, enjoy your holiday!

Patricia said...

vacationitis! i'm gonna enjoy your trip vicariously, if i may. :)

alan said...

Barbara, that would be my luck!

I think we will get a copy of hers while we are there and mine when we return, just so we can put away passports "just in case". I heard yesterday that one of the new Medicare rules requires you to have one for ID have to have two of 3 things, one of them being the "stamped" birth certificate (that most of them won't mail) or a passport to prove you are a resident...


Heidi said...

"and do a straight 3 hours of cardio,"

3 HRS!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! And I was proud of my 1 measly

ConnieJane said...

Vacations are a wonderful thing!

Enjoy every moment... be safe and bring back many fabulous stories!

Take care. xoxo

boo said...

healthy u :) have a great weekend {{alan}}

cherish said...

I am happy Talia is doing better!!!