Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Holidays!

I can hear that old Irving Berlin song echoing around inside my empty head...from "Holiday Inn" for those who don't know it.

Dillon's turkey is something he and Grandma made when the three kids were here last weekend; they each cut, glued picked out their own feathers.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, as was gathering the clan again the next afternoon to go see "Happy Feet". Grandpa started something a few years ago when he bought a round of tickets for everyone to go see "Polar Express" the day after Thanksgiving; even though we are a few less this year, it was still great fun!

Also fun was keeping Dillon overnight that night by himself, as he and I had picked up a few models for his first projects several months ago, but those are hard to do when others are around. So that night we put together a "monster truck" and an later (if I'm lucky)!

John and Noel have discussed putting in a dishwasher over the years; this year they decided they wanted that for part of their Christmas and birthdays, so I spent Saturday working on that and hauling sheetrock for them as they are insulating and re-rocking the older grandchildren's rooms.

Sunday I hauled sheetrock for the next room and then tried to do our shopping for the week, finishing just in time to get home and fix dinner for us as Dottie got out of the shower after work. A bit of TV, and my four day weekend was gone!

So now it's back to that 6 days in a row thing for two more mind says ouch but my wallet is smiling, lol!

Missed you all, hope things are great; I'll be trying to catch up for the next few days, though Dottie is off tomorrow and we're talking about trying to go pick up our tree!

I feel guilty every year when we do that, especially with my Grandma's artificial downstairs, but Dottie loves the smell and it reminds her of home, so I try not to think about it. If I had more yard I'd buy ones I could plant after...maybe someday!



Anonymous said...

happy holidays Alan. Dillon's turkey looks fat & great, too bad its not edible :)

sjobs said...

SOunds like a wonderful weekend.

We have a fake and put it up over the weekend. It is looking a lot like Christmas around these parts.

Missed you..

Anonymous said...

i've been listening to gerry mulligan play 'laura' all morning :) {{HUGS}}

MB said...

I love these photos, maybe especially the last one which made me really chuckle. We bought live trees and planted them until our yard filled up. Now we're back to cut ones because, like Dottie, we love the smell. Happy Thanksgiving, Alan.

robin andrea said...

Looks like you had a fine Thanksgiving. Lots of family, food, and good cheer.

Heidi said...

Luv the family photos..Made me smile :)

dragonflyfilly said...

nice to see you over at my "spot" - although it seems it was a bit gloomy, sorry about that, and wow, *alan* - that's heavy duty, but we all have the choice, and most of us would not be without our motor vehicles!

but i LOVE that thanksgiving turkey, what a beauty, and it looks like you had a wonderful feast with your family.

now its time to get thouse Christmas lights up, eh?

puhpaul said...

Looks like you had an excellent holiday with the family. I love the turkey. I thought at first that it was your art work, but then I saw Dillon's name in the corner ;-)


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Love the photos. The last one of the sink and the cleanup made me BLOL!!!!