Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It's really hard...

to go back to work after 3 days off, especially when you know your spouse is still at home!

We managed to get some things done, made it to a couple of movies, then we spent Monday driving around Hillsdale Reservoir, a place we fished a lot before my last truck died. New ramps, lots of new campgrounds, and a new marina with a floating heated dock (maybe a place to take the grandkids fishing after the holidays) that also sells bait and tackle and has a sandwich shop, etc.. The roads that were almost all gravel are now mostly paved; houses are going up at all around it now. We had looked at a place there 15 years ago that had 25 acres and 5 ponds on it; it's been broken up for a subdivision now and only one pond is on the property now. Had I been smart enough to buy it, breaking it up would have paid it off!

At the time though, I was going into the last long layoff I had from GM, before I had enough seniority to stay when they go to one shift. (Before I had 15 years in I was laid off as much as I worked.) The hour drive each way on a dry day would get awfully long in winter weather as well, not to mention the vehicles I'd have worn out doing it, so all in all it's probably good we stayed here. 7 or 8 minutes to work has a lot to be said for it!

"A Good Year" was awfully good (my kind of movie). "Stranger Than Fiction" was good as well, though a bit disturbing as well.

Monday after we got home we went out and rented "Click" and "Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift", and enjoyed them both. Somehow the sacriege of dropping a Nissan motor in a classic Mustang disturbed me, but in the "making of" stuff you could see the Ford script on the valve covers and the big 4 barrel on top of the Ford V-8 in the car they said was "the hero car".

The real treat was the surprise at the end of the movie...


I'm going to try and catch up with you all before the weekend; Dottie's off both days, I work Saturday again, so it's one of those one day weekends for me. Her birthday is next Monday, so I have a vacation day that day. She's taking her last 3 vacation days and between her weekend off, Thanksgiving Day holiday, and her normal Friday off, she gets 7 off in a row. Needless to say if I get here it will be just for a few minutes, lol!

I hope life is treating you all wonderfully!



sjobs said...

Alan, Kiran's birthday is next Monday also....

Wish Dottie a Happy Birthday from MN.


Anonymous said...

i thoroughly enjoyed {tokyo drifto} an early "happy birthday" to Dottie.

p/s oooh lookie up there s-p-a-m!

alan said...

Mary- One of Dottie's sisters and one of her cousins share mine, but I hadn't run across anyone else who shares hers! Cool!

Boo- I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that enjoyed it! I always enjoy footage of Tokyo..."Lost In Translation", "Wasabi" looks so gorgeous to me. My wife thinks I should be committed for that!



CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad life's treating you and Dottie well.

Happy birthday to Dottie!

Mystical Me said...

WOW, Sounds like a lot of fun there. I want to go fishing, its been awhile for me. I hope all is well sweetheart & do take care. Have an awesome weekend. Love always, MM XOXO

Von Krankipantzen said...

Happy Birthday Dottie and Happy Thanksgiving too.

dragonflyfilly said...

WOW, a HEATED dock, i'm impressed!

Happy American ThanksGiving neighbour!

cheers for now,

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Just dropping by to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

I n g e r said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Alan!! Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday.

xo Inger

kath said...

you always have such nice times with your wife!

that must be nice..

I have been busy.. visits, work , etc

and trying to keep in touch with my dad and my aunt.. both are dealing with cancer..

it's bad..

I have not even been reading! ME! A book a day gal, not reading!
oh well.. the books will wait..

Miss seeing you around blogland!

Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

Heidi said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day Alan..

Have a great one!

Godknows said...

I know what you feel after days off or holiday. Happy thanksgiving Alan.