Monday, November 06, 2006

Photo Sunday escaped 'til Monday!

Last Tuesday before the frivolity we took a ride around our closest lake; having a truck now we revisted some gravel roads I haven't been on since my boys were little.

The color is a bit past peak, but the worrisome thing is that this was Oct.31st and the trees still have so many leaves; the color has turned even more to rust now, but not many more have dropped...if we get any kind of an ice storm, it's going to be a major problem, and we're getting to that time of year!

I worked yesterday; this morning I rolled out at 9, cooked breakfast and we made it to see "The Prestige" at 10:40. From there, we worked on filling Santa's sleigh, since we don't get too many shopping days together, and now have the sleigh about 3/4 full.

Tonight we cleared 5 hours of "Supernatural" we were behind on, along with me fixing dinner and running laundry, then after Dottie went to bed I caught up with "Battlestar Galactica" from Friday night since she had watched it with Bill and Laura. I also watched "30 Rock" since she doesn't care much for that one...

Now the clock is ticking towards 3 and I should really crawl into bed!

I'm off Tuesday and she took a vacation day, so after we vote I'm thinking about trying to talk her into going to "Keeping Mum". So far I've only told her Maggie Smith is in it...I should mention Swayze as she loves him; if I mention Rowan Atkinson I'll be lucky to get to rent it on video, lol!

I have my fingers crossed for Tuesday, but not enough courage to hold my breathe...



sjobs said...

Lovely pictures!!! The leaves are gone around these parts. Although, the temps are going to be close to 70 the next three days. Unheard of around here.

I am holding my breath. For the first time in 16 years, I am staying home and not attending any candidates parties. It seems they tend to be the party of losers. So, a new approach, stay home and see what happens from here.


ConnieJane said...

Once again, beautiful photos!

With all the negative advertising here I hope voters aren't turned off. Vote... please.

puhpaul said...

Beautiful pictures Alan. Even up here in the Great White North we still have some leaves left on the trees, althought there was a massive snow storm east of us that left more than a foot of snow on the ground.
Keep your fingers crossed for good results tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

it does still look rather lush for november. u should goto bed earlier {{hugs}}

MB said...

Pretty views, Alan — I especially like that vertical shot. Thanks for sharing the beauty!

Hawaiianmark said...

Beauty pix, my friend!


Von Krankipantzen said...

Your local lake is gorgeous. We too have a wide range of tree leaf progressions. I can look out my window and see all the colours along with naked trees and trees holding on to their green leaves for dear life. Pretty strange.