Monday, May 07, 2007

Connie got that right!

In her comment on my last she was so prophetic about our weather! I'm hoping Lori is OK because she's a lot closer to where the really wicked storms have been these last few days, along with those further South like JLee. Until tonight we had some rain, and some wind, but not "oodles" of both 'til the last 12 hours or so. Now they've issued a flood warning for one area just north of us "until further notice"! I've never heard them put it quite that way before!

Our week off flew by! Dottie worked last Monday and I mowed and puttered. Last Tuesday it was supposed to rain, but the "front" broke slowly and we made it out for 6 hours fishing. Not thinking we'd have that long neither of us put on sunscreen, though she finally did about 3 hours into our sojourn. Between us we caught a dozen bass and one bluegill; no keepers, but keepers in the lake we were on have to be 18". Wednesday the rain hit, so we did some more shopping for Dillon's birthday and some odds and ends here (while recuperating from a mild sunburn on both our counts). Thursday it was still raining, so we had a movie day; "Next" followed by lunch and then "Grindhouse". We both liked next; enough action for her, enough love story for me. "Grindhouse" got two thumbs up as well; I liked the "first" story better, and she the second. I have heard they are talking about adding footage into both and releasing them seprately in Europe; I would be curious to see the difference if the do. I loved the fake "trailers" and such they had before and between them as well.

Friday was overcast and supposed to rain again, but I couldn't stand it, and though it was sprinkling a bit, we went fishing again. The rain held off, and though the wind was getting up a bit we were out about 5 hours. Not as many fish this time, but bigger. We had arranged to keep all 3 grandkids overnight on Friday night, so as I tried to run the trolling motor and pick a backlash out of my reel about 4 on Friday afternoon, my phone rang. It's still amazing to me that I can be fishing and have that happen! On Tuesday I had been checking the weather on it to keep track of the storms...quite a world we live in!

Saturday was a joint birthday party for Dillon and his best friend Andrew, followed by the weekly shopping we tried to do while it wasn't raining for a bit. Today was mailing my unemployment card for last week, then a trip to Borders to use a 30% off coupon and some Border's Reward money and get Dottie one of her Mother's Day presents; the first season of "Stargate:Atlantis". I've been taping them all for her since it began, but the DVD's are so much better quality, and easier to store and keep track of!

For those who were curious; my wife is a bit of a technophobe to begin with, and also a very very private person. There are things about her I still don't know after over 30 years together, and have no doubt that I never ever will know them! I am the opposite; everything there ever was to know about me I told her before we ever one of those old B.B. King blues songs says; "I ain't no refrigerator, I can't keep nothin' in"! When I had my first computer with Windows 95 and ICQ I was chatting with people all over the world, particularly in Russia because somehow I had always known that the divisions between us had more to do with keeping politicians in power than the fact that we couldn't get along among ourselves. That I would talk to a stranger for hours on end that way bothered her then and still would.

With her working days, and me working nights, we don't see each other except when one of us is sleeping, except on the weekends or her days off. So I come home from work and hang out with you guys some, and if the window unit in our bedroom is running I can get away with watching a bit of TV without waking her up; otherwise I read or surf the net 'til I unwind and wander off to bed.

The next wave of storms is moving in now, so I'm going to shut down for tonight just in case. The lights in this old neighborhood don't go off as often as they used to, but even with the battery backup and the surge suppressors, I don't want to take a chance!

Hopefully all of you are dry and doing well!



Dr. Deb said...

I hope you are all doing well. The storms have been so BAD!

ConnieJane said...

You sure have a lot of birthday parties!

Tip of the day: When the sky is green... take cover!

alan said...

My wife (the Vermont farmgirl) didn't understand what I meant by that when I moved her here 30 years ago; a year or so later she saw that color for the first time and knew exactly what I meant!


JLee said...

I missed all the bad stuff here in my stay safe as well, Alan!

Mystical Me said...

I hate the weather!! Stay safe sweetheart!! Take care!! Love always, MM XOXO

Green tea said...

Alan, hope you and Dottie stay safe.
I saw your Governor on CNN last night talking about the lack of equipment and guards to do clean up and rescue.
They are all in Iraq and your State still hasn't been reimbursed.
Same, Same, here in Mn. fires near the Gunflint trail in Northern Mn. and unable to fight them the way they use too.
Many homes were lost,
because our Guards and equipment are in Iraq too.
Sad situation..Heres hoping we can all escape anymore disasters here at home.

Von Krankipantzen said...

WOW! Bad weather sucks. I am glad you are ok. You and Dottie have such different schedules but when you have time together you really do lots of fun stuff. That rocks.

Hill said...

You must be in Kansas, right? Oh, I do so hope you and your loved ones will be OK. Man, this has been a rough Spring for some. Mother Nature has her way, come what may.

Lori said...

I am OK. Thanks for your concern! I just got around to posting today...just thinking about the people in Greensburg.

Hopefully we will all get through the rest of this spring (and summer) w/out anymore damage from Mother Nature. Come onnnnnnnn sunshine!!!!

Rice said...

I am glad that you are safe Alan.

No wonder I like you, I can't keep nothing in either. It is hysterical that you told your wife
everything before you married. I can totally relate.