Thursday, May 10, 2007

For weeks I've stewed...

while this civilian

who couldn't be bothered to do the job he trained for while I was on active duty in the Navy thirty some years ago floating on a carrier off the coast of Vietnam has made comment after comment about the civilians in Congress trying to tell the generals at the Pentagon what to do. He accuses them of trying to micromanage!

Every general who disagreed with the above civilian and his cronies was reassigned, retired, or demoted. Colin Powell was exiled. He and his civilian buddies have micromanaged the deaths of 3400 of our children in 4 years, and he thinks he should still have a blank check!

Now he says he will veto the next bill if they only fund him for 60 days at a time, since he didn't like the last bill and vetoed it!

I hope he does!

I hope he gets so mad he holds his breath until he turns blue!

Meanwhile, the battle he could have won in Afghanistan is spinning out of control for lack of soldiers and equipment; he's going to lose both of them before he's done!

Yesterday he promised to help a little town in Kansas rebuild after the tornado that left only one building in their town standing. I remember when he promised the Gulf Coast he would help them rebuild as well...

On NPR they said that FEMA trailers that were destined for Katrina victims are being diverted to Kansas. I guess that means that there are still people waiting for trailers on the Gulf Coast, let alone the damn rebuilding!

Lower than a dead flea...

at the bottom of the Marianas Trench!



Jon-Marc said...

Kanye was right!

What happened in Kansas is tragic. I have been in the path of more twisters than I care to remember but one must look simply at the color of their skin. For the most part the victims in Kansas were white so it makes sense that the king would send them trailers that were originally meant for the victims of Katrina, who were mostly black.

Green tea said...

Good post Alan, and I couldn't agree with you more.
One of the neighborhood kids (well not a kid anymore) is in the Guards.
He joined after he served his 4 years
in the Army, long before he knew what Bush would do with our National Guard.
In June he leaves for 3 month training in Missouri, then he will get a quick trip home before he is sent to Iraq for 14 months.
He will leave behind a wife and 2 daughters and bills that won't be covered by the piddly pay they get.
His dad figures he will be picking up the slack.
I doubt if this will ever end, until and when we take to the streets like they did in the 60's.
Or maybe when a new President is elected, unless the Republicans steal another election

ConnieJane said...

Well said Alan! VERY well said.

He also had the gall to scold the Kansas Governor for mentioning that many of the Kansas National Guard Units ... who's real job it is to respond to such disasters... was tied up doing W's bidding in Iraq.

Shame, shame.

Hawaiianmark said...

Well said alan.

That trench is pretty damn deep, so thats LOW.


Lori said...

Hey Alan.... just a note to clear up my last post...

I've gone with my husband to survey damage from a previous tornado, not this last one at Greensburg. Re-reading my blog, it does sound like I mean this recent storm. Sorry! We saw devastation from a different twister and it's all terrible. This was not in our county, but he may go at some point to lend a hand.

Glad you and Dottie are safe as well!

P.S. From a previous post of you have the names of those who lost their lives in the Ward Parkway shooting? I have friends in KC I've not heard from. My email is: Thanks!

yellowdog granny said...

thanks for stopping by and saying howdy...glad you liked what you read...I like what I read here too..I'll be back....

Macromoments said...
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Dr. Deb said...

Oh, please....don't get me started. I don't think I could EVER stop!!