Tuesday, May 22, 2007


come in all shapes and sizes!

Not the greatest photo, but until I can afford to replace the Nikon I really don't dare take it in the boat! This is with a little Fuji digicam that I bought a while back off the closeout table at Nebraska Furniture Mart for less than a hundred dollars. 5mp, only 3x zoom. When we finally moved in closer he decided it was time to leave, talking to us the whole way as he flew off. Dottie tried to catch the flight, but he was quicker than the autofocus.

Still, it gives you an idea of what an old WPA/CCC lake from the late 30's looks like 70 years on.



Hawaiianmark said...

Sweet pix there fisher-guy!

Theres a cool Olympus water proof/shock proof that i picked up from Costco that I am using now.

Darn hearty thing.


ConnieJane said...

You always manage to capture the beauty around you. Thanks for sharing another flawless photo.

b o o said...

kingfisher. grand :) i love it HUGS

Green tea said...

I think it is a beautiful picture.

Would you believe I don't even own a working camera anymore.
Off on a tour with my Woman's club and there will be at least a dozen clicking away.
I can always get copies. *Smile*

robin andrea said...

Nice shot, alan. It definitely captures the idyllic scene of this fisher.

Von Krankipantzen said...

Wonderful. Looks like a great spot to fish for everbody.

Writer Mom said...

I'm envious. I just can't manage to sneak up on these guys. I'm constantly trying to catch a heron, with no luck.
Looks like a wonderful place!

alan said...

Actually, I was fishing and running the trolling motor and Dottie was trying to get a photo of him. I caught one small fish within two casts of him, and he finally flew off when I was almost within one cast of him. I felt a bit guilty about him flying off, but kept nonchalantly working closer because the digicam is only a 3x zoom.