Friday, January 25, 2008

Much too far behind...

in visiting all of you; my conscience bothers me terribly, but I can't go without sleep like I used to, so an hour a day is about all I can muster after my 10 hour work days; I hope you forgive me!

Tomorrow night I'll be trying to get immediately to bed as Talia's birthday party is at 10 on Saturday morning. Dottie is off this weekend, and since they just scheduled more work Saturdays for me I plan on enjoying every minute we are together. I haven't dared peek yet to see if we are working the same ones or not...

Hopefully the warm air "they" are saying we'll have this weekend will really get here, as I could use a thaw about now!

I used to think that I wanted to retire and go be a librarian in Alaska...not so anymore!

TGIF! May it and the weekend bring you much joy!



ZILLA said...

We're celebrating a birthday this weekend, too! Youngest is turning 13. THIRTEEN.

Cut yourself some slack, Alan. No such thing as "comment duty." If there were, we'd enjoy blogging no more than we enjoy ... let's see ... a Thanksgivingful of disorderly in-laws? Something like that.

Who's baking the cake?

Heidi said...

{{Alan..Hugs with a smile }}}

Have a great weekend..And don't stress about Blogging!..Leave that to me. :)

alan said...

The party is at my son's; my Mom has decided she's not going, so the only thing I have to do is get up on 4 hours sleep and help Dottie load the presents that she already wrapped earlier this week.

Somehow I think I'll be napping tomorrow afternoon...

Thanks for letting me off that conscience hook a bit!


ryssee said...

We're all happy to have you visit and it's always really nice to see your name pop up, but blog hopping is supposed to be fun, not work, so never you mind! :-)
Have a great weekend. Hope you get some warmth. It's darned COLD here!

fineartist said...

Oh man hon, relax, we know you're crazy about us, heh.

I have got everything on my body crossed that it will warm up. Besides, I hate being described as frigid.


HAR said...

I hope that you enjoy Talia's birthday. She is really one lucky little girl to have a Grandpa like you.
I'm with you on the cold front. The older I get the more I hate it.

KellyNerd said...

Hey Sweetie, dont apologize, you have a life outside of blogging ... we are happy anytime you can visit our space, dont stress over it!!!

Big hugs!!!!

kath said...

partying at 10 am? yikes!

Viit as you can.. you are in my thoughts.. have fun, sleep long and feel hugged!

Lori said...

No worries, alan. I haven't been able to visit blogs for awhile either..and I hate that. These days it is my one luxury, but still difficult to find time to do.

Hoping that spring comes to our KS/MO skies soon!

CrackerLilo said...

No problem whatsoever! We get to visit each other when we can, and real world takes precedence always.

The older my joints get, the less I like winter. :-)

Just saw the Idiotarod--FUN!!!

ConnieJane said...

Life happens.
Enjoy the party!

Mary said...

HI friend,

I have been a terrible blog friend. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was laid back and relaxing.


Frankie said...

Hope you had a truly wonderful weekend!!! Sorry I've been so absent here...I'm trying to catch up now!!
Much love,