Thursday, January 17, 2008

Two more days...

and I get 3 off finally! That Dottie is off Friday and Tuesday this week, after her being off last weekend and me working Saturday doesn't make me the happiest camper, but at least I'll see her when we're both awake!

Got home at 4 this morning; shoveled snow 'til 5; started laundry and then played "beat the rinse cycle" because I really didn't want to be any colder than I was when I came in...

NetFlix says I'll have a new copy of "America" for the weekend (I mentioned in my last post that the one they sent last week was cracked when it arrived); Dottie already got her copy of the new "3:10 to Yuma". Laura and Bill are coming for her birthday dinner on Sunday evening, so I'll be grilling salmon and's nice to think about having time to actually do something like that!

When Dottie picked things up during the holidays the magazines I was carrying to work to read while I eat or if the line breaks down were filed away somewhere I haven't found yet, so I pulled Amy Tan's "Saving Fish from Drowning" off the shelf. I'm probably strange, but I feel very guilty if I tear a book up or get it dirty, etc., while I'm reading it. I don't dogear corners, or make little marks, or write in the margins...I just can't.

Very good read so far; a bit more than halfway through it and finding it very nice to read something longer again for the first time in a while! The only serious reading I'd done in the last year were some manga...

A bit after 6am, time to put my clothes in the dryer and get some sleep!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you, and may the weekend bring joy and peace!



ZILLA said...

Oooh, have you read Joy Luck Club? Is it as good as that was? I just finished Atonement. Had forgotten how much I enjoy a good book. Problem is, I get so absorbed that I tend to forget to cycle the laundry & put dinner on the table -- which perhaps explains why I gravitated to blogging for my reading needs?

Dont' wear yourself out over the next two so you can't enjoy the three you deserve!

robin andrea said...

Nice reminder to pick up some Amy Tan to read. I haven't read anything by her since Joy Luck Club. You asked about the movie The Namesake on our blog the other day. Yes, we liked it very much. Interesting story about life for a Bengali Indian family and balancing older traditions with life in America.

Hope your three days off are wonderful.

Doris said...

I'm with you on the not marking books. There is a school of thought that says we shouldn't be so precious with books otherwise it makes them exclusive, but I'm afraid I find it hard to adopt. Old habits die hard.

Peace :-)

jlb said...

with some books i will write in the margins and underline words or phrases that resonate with books usually end up looking "well loved"... :)

fineartist said...

I write all over my books, especially the self help type, in the margin, underline things that stick in my heart, I hang my head in shame, but I can find what I need to read again and again easily that way. Now if they are loaners I take notes in a separate notebook, and I take the covers off and put them up for safe keeping until I return them, so I guess I'm not all bad. xx

Hill said...

"Lonesome Dove."

Pulitzer prize winning western.

If you haven't read it yet, reward yourself and read it.

Hola, Alan!


Green tea said...

I've never been able to write in books either, and use bookmarks instead of turning the corners down.

I love getting lost in a book..
I just finished The Book Thief by
Markus Zusak for my Feb. book club.
It begins in 1939 Nazi Germany..and thats all I"m going to say. *smile*
Accept I loved it.
Happy Birthday to Dottie..

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

I use tabs to mark favorite quotes. You can tell the books I read versus the ones waiting for attention, because all these unsightly tabs are sticking out. People must think I'm nutty, but after my grandmother died, I made the wonderful discovery that she used to make marks in books. I often feel connected to the previous owner of a book while I'm reading. Especially old books with signatures in the front. So I was reading Tale of Two Cities, which I'd found in my grandmother's things, and every now and then I'd read a note she'd made when she was a young woman. Felt like I was time traveling.
It was lovely.
Just in case you were looking for an excuse to scribble.
But I also understand taking good care of books. I'm protective of mine, and have a hard time lending them out. I'm working on it, but you never know when you need to follow through a thought by pulling the inspiration off the shelf.

Happy birthday to Dottie!
Aquarians are fine fine people.
And dinner sounds fantastic. What time? I'll bring the kids and desert (and mac and cheese, because they wouldn't fully appreciate the salmon and mushrooms).

Calamity Jen said...

Enjoy your well deserved time off. I know you'll spend it being kind.