Thursday, January 31, 2008


First off, the family vacation to Table Rock has been delayed a year because John and Noel are hoping to move this summer. Works for us because we'll put our tax return check towards some of the "interest free" things that weren't going to be if we used it for the vacation. When I was checking on some of the places we used to stay I was shocked to find them selling off the little 400 square foot cabins at one of them...for $135,000!

Dottie has cousins in Texas we haven't seen in 10 years, since Grandma Lila moved into the nuring home in Tulsa, as we would make a day trip to Dallas to see them and give Grandma a break midweek when we did our summer visits to her. Perhaps I'll stop by Marietta and Nocona on the way down or back and visit some of the family plots as well...

I haven't had a lot of time to rearrange the basement yet. Since Dottie works this weekend I figure I will work on that, and if I'm lucky by Sunday night have things to where I can get her to help me put the treadmill together when she comes home. Some of you have mentioned boredom; the ones at the Fitness Center at work were in sight of 4 monitors, each on a different channel, and you could pull the audio of your choice to your headphones. I don't plan anything that fancy, but have several unused TV's sitting down there, and dropping a cable from the coax side of my cable converter to it wouldn't take but a piece of cable and two ends. I also have an old VCR sitting idle, as well as a couple of old stereos. I have enough old movies and old cassettes running around to amuse myself for eternity...

The treadmill actually has an iPod docking station built in, but I haven't sprung for one of those...yet! I would love to have had one in the truck when I made that run to Wyoming as it's only AM-FM! Someday!

Later, as the basement clears out a bit more I'm going to add a weight bench, but for now I just need to start losing some of me again! (Besides my mind!)

Dottie's off on Friday, so hopefully I'll be visting over the weekend!

May your Friday be wonderful and your weekend warm and kind!



fineartist said...

Well I can see where having a full media center close by would keep you from getting bored. With my luck I'd probably get so engrossed in a movie that I'd fall off my treadmill. Kidding, although I have been known to forget what I'm doing at times, due to engrossment.

We had a snow day today, only it hasn't snowed one drop yet, weird. They've predicted that it will snow soon and that late this afternoon visibility will be poor, so, whoopee, no school.

big hugs Alan!

ryssee said...

Great call on setting up the TVs and other stuff. I had a treadmill in my living room when I lived alone, and was pretty good about using it while watching movies.
Ipod is one of my favorite toys ever. My car has integrated Ipod (awesome!) but you can get the antenna thing to listen through the radio (what I did before this car). I also listen all day at work. If you ever get one, get one with LOTS of storage; what a great place to store that awesome music collection you have.

von Krankipantzen said...

Ooooh! I'd love to have a treadmill. It would be great to watch the news to so the endorphins could counteract all the depressing current events. Alas my tiny apartment doesn't allow for any exercise equipment. I have to walk outside in the rain.

dragonflyfilly said...

Hi Alan,
happy heart month!

i forgot, tell me again, where is Table Rock.

sorry to hear that you have had to postpone your trip

kath said...

oh, sorry about your trip... the best laid plans eh?

I am getting a new toy too... can't wait! visit me and see what it is!

I have a bike.. recumbent.. gotta get motivated.I also have a treadmill, but it kills my knee.

Happy weekend my frend...

Lori said...

Hope you avoided the big snow up there...we only got a couple of inches here and I'm looking forward to warmer days ahead. Happy Weekend, Alan!

Green tea said...

You remind me of how much I should be doing instead of sitting here.
Hubba is in bed with a bug.
Since we were going to a fancy schamcy dinner tonight I took his temp to make sure he wasn't faking.
Then I called a friend to go with me.
Another friend is getting a well deserved volunteer award and I don't want to miss it.
I also have phoning to do to get people out to caucuses, so this is my weekend visit..with Hillary
coming to town tomorrow I will be busy..
Hope yopu get everything done you want..