Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Procrastination is...

the thief of time-
So all the wise I'll say...
One stitch in time
Will save nine-
Tomorrow's not today!

And if you put on-
Someone's bound to lose"

From Nat Cole's "St. Louis Blues" soundtrack...very appropriate for me today! An album of Dad's I practically wore out learning the words to all of the W. C. Handy songs on it...

Woke up "slow", just before 1, lingered here with a latte for a while, then called John to see if he wanted me to help him replace the packing nut in the main water shutoff to his house as it's dripping. He said he'd rather wait until tomorrow as they are trying to finish painting their kitchen cabinets so they can use them again.

Slipped off to Harbor Freight, bought he and I both a new tubing cutter as he had blown mine up the other week, bought him a voltmeter, and myself a set of "strap" wrenches (Dottie has designs on one for opening things in the kitchen, the other is for plumbing fixtures I don't want to scar up). With coupons and sale prices, $11 and change, total.

Home a bit after 4, ate a bit of something while I played "Xenosaga 2" for a few minutes, then came in here before I wander downstairs to rearrange some things to start making room for the treadmill.

I had planned to get so much more done by this point in the day...

Perhaps tomorrow!




ZILLA said...

Eh, it's okay to slack a bit now and then, isn't it?

I thought of you day before yesterday when I replaced my windshield wiper blades. I received a mail-in coupon for either a Rain-X Spring Cleaning Kit or the Rain-X Winter Weather Kit. Such a difficult choice ... thought you might have a recommendation :-)

Would have written a 3000 word post about the absolute, unmitigated joy of new wiper blades, but it's been a busy week. And I started a diet, so I'm crabby :-)

But it's always a comfort to come here and see what you're up to ... so thanks.

fineartist said...

Well procrastination is my middle name, oh wait, no, it's more like, flying without a flight plan, that's my middle name, but that's too long for a middle name. Hmmm, honey you just reminded me that I need to get my buns off this computer and get my poop in a pile so I can relax tomorrow. Heh, but first I had to check in to see what you were up too, and then I'm over to Zilla's for a night cap and then, then I get my poop in a pile!

Big hugs Alan!

No_Newz said...

Alan, you and John can join my group PA. Our motto: Procrastinators, unite...tomorrow! :)

I hope you are having a great weekend!

CrackerLilo said...

Procrastination's my problem, too. My therapist says to think about how good it feels to have a job done and over with and not have anyone breathing down your neck; that doesn't always work! Well, you've worked hard. You deserve a slack day.

Deb said...

I bet that album brings many memories when you play it. Amazing how things of the past can be treasures in our present.

von Krankipantzen said...

Waking up slow. I love that phrase. I wake up slow every morning and pretty much stay that way all day. I don't think I'm the only one so I don't stand out much.

Chandira said...

I'm an awful procrastinator!!

Robert's a definite "A" type, get-everything-done-yesterday person, which I cannot relate to. That only creates more stuff that needs to be done. What's the point of that? I much prefer to wait and see if it all goes away by itself, much simpler!

HAR said...

I wish that I could wake up slow. My damn clock will not allow it.

How is the treadmill? Is it up yet?

Green tea said...

I am a big Nat King Cole fan..
I usually pop in a tape when I am helps a lot..