Thursday, February 07, 2008


Thankfully it will only be a 48 hour one instead of 50; I used a vacation day yesterday!

A bit of disappointment on Sunday because the Pats didn't finish undefeated; a bit of happiness for the Mannings, because brothers winning successive Superbowls will most likely never happen again!

Monday Dottie sprained her ankle walking into work carrying a crock pot and stuff to make "little smokies" for a party; she stepped on a rock she didn't see and rolled it sideways. She didn't fall, so she didn't screw up her replacement hip or replacement knee, but when I came home that night she was sleeping on the couch with ice on it and it was bigger than a large grapefruit.

She still wanted to go to a movie on Tuesday when I got up, so we saw Stallone end his "Rambo" series as poignantly as he did "Rocky" a few months ago. Very well done, and making a political statement for this era as well!

We got home before the weather started, and while she went in and iced her ankle I covered up her car. (We cheat and when they say ice we use 6 mil plastic sheeting to lay over the glass, doors and wipers. If you tuck it in to the door jambs without getting it in the locks, it's a lot better than the scraping and such!) My truck I had covered when I came home the night before (actually had covered hers as well in case it started early...)

While I did pet chores and started dinner it was early enough I got her to call her sister Deb in Vermont, as by the time Dottie comes home and gets through the shower Deb is usually heading for bed. They talked until dinner was ready, then I popped in a movie out of a Jimmy Stewart box set I got for my birthday (one of those gifts we buy ourselves and tag from my Mom so she still feels a part of things). "You Gotta Stay Happy", from 1948. I had seen it before I went in the service and had watched for it to pop up somewhere so I could tape it, but had never caught it. Dottie really enjoyed it, as did I.

I was running laundry to get it caught up as well, so she had no excuse to run up and down the steps on her ankle other than to wash her uniform each night. It seems to be doing well, the swelling is staying down; I think she's lucky she had a day off the day after she did it!

So until the weekend, that's where things stand. Hopefully we'll get the treadmill put together over the weekend so I can figure out exactly how I need to drop the wiring to it, and will have it running by next week.

Since they took away our 2nd week of downtime in July already (they want every Malibu we can build) I have an extra 40 hours vacation that I usually lose then, so taking a few more Tuesdays off shouldn't bother me though I hate to start using days so early in the year. I put in for the 19th as well because we work Saturday that week, and I'd really rather work 5 than 6 especially if they still have to pay me for them!

May the rest of the week be kind!



ZILLA said...

6ml sheeting! Why didn't I think of that? We've got a two-car garage but with the rabbits in there, and all of the equipment we store, one car is always in the drive. Now, how do you keep it from blowing off the windshield?

You're always ahead of the game, Alan, a lot like my ex (one of his best qualities).

Do you happen to know if Deb ever visits the Vermont Country Store, "Purveyors of the Practical and Hard to Find?" (I've been sitting on a post about that outfit as my sister works there as an assistant buyer.)

I hope Dottie's ankle is mending nicely by now. How awful to have that happen, especially when she was doing something nice and generous for others!

robin andrea said...

We've been watching classic movies on Netflix lately. Most recent was The Barefoot Contessa. Not our favorite, was hoping for something with a little more subtext. Still, it's always grand to watch Humphrey Bogart.

Hope Dottie's ankle is better. I twisted mine months ago, and it still gives me a twinge every now and then, especially when I try to run.

Hope the rest of the week is good to you.

fineartist said...

Poor Dot, I'm glad to hear her ankle is getting better. It always freaks me out when I hurt myself. I always think, "Twenty years ago that wouldn't have hurt so bad."

I love Jimmy Stewart, and that plastic idea is genius, absolutely. xxx

ryssee said...

Aw hope Dottie gets better soon!
Malibu looks like it's gonna rock. Saw it in Motor Trend a few times the last couple months and at the auto show. Seems like it will keep you in lots of work for a long time. Have you noticed how much it looks like the new Accord? And less expensive and American too.
Gotta say, I hate to use vacation time early in the year. But if you don't use it you can lose it so enjoy.

von Krankipantzen said...

You are a very good man, Alan. You know, taking care of those you love.

Ashley Ladd said...

Here's hoping Dottie's ankle heals quickly. As others have already said, you're a very good man for taking such good care of her.

I took a vacation day from work myself yesterday. Our vacation time runs from our anniversary date and mine's in May. Like you, if I don't use it, I lose it. I have 8 more days to use by May 12th and my boss only wants me to take one whole week and save the other days to use one at a time. Oh well...

Deb said...

I thought the Superbowl was a great game this year. It was disappointing to see an undefeated team lose. But I live in NY and people are SO much nicer lately!!

Mary said...

I loved the game and was happy to see the Pats lost. Watching how excited Payton was for his little brother made me so happy.

I hope that Dotties ankle is doing better.


Heidi said...

I'm sorry about Dottie and her ankle..Thankgoodness it wasn't that serious..Injurys are not fun..I hurt my hip exercising about a month ago. Now I can't work out as much as I would like..Even though I try anyway..Probably making it worse.

HAR said...

Hey Alan,
Hope you are enjoying some of your weekend.

What is a 6ml sheet? I know it is a ridiculous question but that's just who I am. It sounds too easy to me!

Is Dottie doing any better?

Green tea said...

Maybe by now Dottie's ankle is better.
Freezing cold here tonight..had to have our plumber friend come and
thaw some pipes..Wondering if Heidi sent us this frosty weather

CrackerLilo said...

I hope the scheduling works out for you and Dottie's ankle gets better!

Next time I see a Malibu, I'll think of you. :-)

KellyNerd said...

You take such great care of her!