Monday, February 18, 2008

Perhaps a glimmer of hope...

Rumors are flying wild of course, and everyone is waiting for the "roll-out" information on "the attrition program" before we really know anything.

I called today for a summary of my hours; they said I need 764 from today to have credit for my 30. I had 330 on my check for the 2nd week of February! I need to check and see if vacation days count at 8 hours, etc., and figure out where to go from there.

I might just manage to take their money and run after all!

Years ago I said something to Dottie about putting up a webpage of some of my poetry; she told me in no uncertain terms I was never to do that because somehow we could end up in trouble. At the time people were speaking of handicapped access for "the net" and related lawsuits, identity theft was just becoming a common story in the news, and my wife the technophobe wouldn't even let me have my check direct deposited to our bank account.

As my hours at work increased and I changed jobs to one that is "non-stop" rather than one that "cycles" I lost the time I used to jot down my musings; the poetry grew less, and I started this blog. Perhaps the ensuing years have mellowed her concerning these issues, perhaps not. She is finally, for the first time ever, starting to surf the net on her own a bit. In time perhaps I will tell her; we'll see...

I spent yesterday at John's helping him with plumbing and electrical issues as he gets his house ready to sell; this is a six-day week for me, so the last of what involves me down there is going to have to wait until the weekend after this next one (putting a vent fan in the bathroom). My Mom's birthday is next week, and my sister is going to have to have rotater surgery that week as well, so sometime this weekend we have to try to pull off a party for Mom either Saturday before I go to work or on Sunday.

This is leading up to more apologies on my part for not being around more...

May the week be kind to each of you!



fineartist said...

Oh sweetie, don't you know by now that you don't have to apologize to us for being busy with life?

We love your busy self!

I have a girl friend who wont even turn on a computer and she shreds every single piece of her mail when she's done with it. In this day and time I can't say that I blame her, but I'd sure love to get her on a computer, I think she'd enjoy it.

Try to get some rest and enjoyment this week and right on with the taking the money and running! Lord knows you deserve it!


Green tea said...

My hubba knows I blog..he hates the computer and only uses it at work.
One time I told him I talk about him on my blog and he said "It could only be something good" :D

Good luck I hope you can take the money and run..

ryssee said...

Fingers crossed for you! :-)

Lori said...

No apologies necessary, Alan. We all have those busy times that leave us little time for reading or writing. Your faithful remain!

I'm still a little paranoid about certain things on the detailed names, places, etc. It's a shame that the world can be so creepy...however, I still think there's more good than bad.

Happy week to you!

robin andrea said...

I hope you find all those hours you need to make your retirement ASAP.

I'm glad that dottie is starting to surf the internet. Maybe she'll like it enough to start her own blog!

Hope you have a good week.

HAR said...

WHAT great news! I am really hoping and praying you make it! Keep us posted Alan. If anyone deserves a break it is you.

Doris said...

The technophobia is a problem but also understandable. Who knows if she mellows more ... and I'm sure she'd love the way you are so gentle and kind in print :-)