Thursday, February 28, 2008

$388 later...

the sewer line is clear. After my post the other day it "acted funny"; when Dottie came home later that evening things didn't work at all. John came and tried to clear it the same way I had on Sunday to no avail. Dottie called the plumbing company that worked on John's line (a real pain) and asked for first call.

She stayed home yesterday so I could sleep, not knowing what time they would show up. Their plumber arrived at 2; I got up a bit short on sleep, but there wasn't really anything I could do to help. He had to pull the commode for access to the line; it went back down at 4:25, but wouldn't flush. He had pulled two huge balls of tree roots when he removed his auger from the line, and the tub seemed to be draining fine. After I left he pulled the commmode again and figured out even more had dropped off in the "sweep" that comes off the "stack" to the toilet base, clogging it. So finally, at 5:30 things were "right" again. Since I don't want to do anything to "rock the boat" at work right now, I'm very glad Dottie stayed home!

Two years ago I was driving an $800 car I had bought 8 years earlier...that number really hurt, but when you can't fix things yourself...

My brother-in-law called during all of that to say that my sister's shoulder surgery was done and they were taking her home. I'm going to call her in just a minute to see how she's doing...

Dottie is off tomorrow, so with the weekend peeking over the horizon, I'll see you all then!

May it be wonderful!



fineartist said...

Toilet troubles oh man, been there had them.

Our septic tank lines are clogged, well, one of the lines is and we now have a swamp of waste in our back yard, gick. It's on my list of things to have fixed this summer, at the tune of, oh about three thousand bucks. Lord help me. Ah well it will all flush out.

Enjoy your weekend, xx.

CrackerLilo said...

I am *so* glad for you that you had both the money and Dottie's help at home!!!! I am also very, very glad for you and your family that your sister's surgery went well. *hug*

Green tea said...

We had a major backup many years ago and thank god our insurance covered the carpeting etc.. almost 10,000..
So we now have the pies cleaned out every 2 years..
Hope all is going well at work..
Am crossing my fingers for you..

ZILLA said...

$388? Ouch!

Would it pay to schedule periodic visits from RotoRooter?


Kick back this weekend, Alan, and enjoy some family time, some good tunes, and a classic flick. And join me in wishing February adieu!

ConnieJane said...

Plumbing problems are the worst!

Happy weekend!

Deb said...

I agree, plumbing issues are sooooo difficult! And when you can't fix things, you make due with whatever you can. I used to drive a bright orange GMC hornet, it almost glowed in the dark. But it was all I could afford. The up side was that I always knew where I parked.

Hope the weekend is a good one for you and Dottie.

kath said...

plumbing! Ugh!

A few years ago I was cleaning on Thanksgiving day. It was so cold... i had just been scrubbing.. I dumped the bucket down the toilet.. and the rag I had cleaned with. Naturally.

That was fun and only ran me 250$


hope that other things are going well and that you are having a nice relaxing weekend.

KellyNerd said...


ryssee said...

Bathroom problems are AWFUL. I've only had some minor problems through the years, thankfully. But, I do seem to have a hot water heater die in most places I inhabit.
$388 is a bad bill to pay no matter WHAT it is!
Hope the rest of your limited weekend was good, and your sis is doing well after her surgery.