Monday, March 03, 2008

As Sunday turns to Monday...

It's almost 2:30; I cleared "Prix de Beaute" just before 2 and programmed recorders for tonight, then sat down here for the first time since early yesterday. An e-mail to my sister (nursing home and Mom stuff and finally got here.

I'm grateful that "What's My Line" and "I've Got a Secret" are back on and "What's My Line" has started over again with the 1952 episodes. "Bull" Halsey was the "Mystery Guest" just now...with Steve Allen questioning him. I don't remember the rest of the episode, but I remember Halsey from when I taped them all and watched them several years ago. I'd love to be able to edit some of those mystery guest spots and post them on You Tube!

Garry Moore just opened "I've Got a Secret" by saying that Bill Cullen's new show "The Price is Right" had just started that Monday on another network. He then turned to Cullen and said "isn't that what ABC stands for; anoter network"? Very few people realize that Bob Barker wasn't the original host of that, nor was it his braichild, it was Cullen's. It started on NBC in 1956 and moved to ABC in '63!


John had other things to do until late yesterday afternoon, so we put off his bathroom fan until earlier in the day today. When I got there today he was trying to
finish putting his gutters back together and Noel was trying to grade and get mulch back into a "flowerbox" next to their house so the water would drain away. They didn't think it would take too long, and we figured out there was a piece John needed for the venting of the bath fan, so we made a Lowe's run (I had things to pick up for my own things here). When we got back the 6 bags of topsoil they had bought for fill along with 3 bags of mulch weren't enough; John pulled that back up and she and I went back and bought 20 more bags of topsoil and 4 more bags of mulch. All 26 bags of fill (a dollar each) and only the original 3 bags of mulch are back in there and it's graded to the sidewalk now. We finished as the rain began. I also transplanted some little shrubs for her that had been in the box originally.

The rain began about 5:30; now we're almost down to freezing and it's supposed to turn to snow shortly.

Mentally I didn't do too well through the last 13 out of 14 day cycle even with a Tuesday off the first week, so I put in for another the day after tomorrow. I also got out H&R Block appointment (10am) for that day, so I'll be up early, though I think a nap is probably in order that afternoon! Then I'm going to change the shut-off ahead of our hot water tank and see if I can get a bit more pressure to that side of our supply lines without having to replace them. (Very hard water here, and the old galvanized pipe tends to "lime" in.)

Just to Ryssee knows it wasn't her comment, the pressure has been dropping for the last year or so; I replaced the tank in 2001, but found out from a pipefitter at work there was a better choice for the shutoff I put in than the one I made, one less prone to catching chunks of stuff and lime...

I will miss being able to go pick the brain of someone wiser than I at work when I'm gone!

If that goes like I hope it does and the weather is kind, we have a Red Lobster card the kids got us that we haven't used; if it isn't we'll have dinner and a movie at home.

So, once again, the week begins in a a whirl!

May it be kind to each of you!



Lori said...

What about this crazy wind, Alan? It's getting a bit old, I must say.

Come onnnnnnnnnn Spring!

Have a great week, as well!

ConnieJane said...

Love, love, love those old game and talk shows. Bill Cullen and Garry Moore were my favorites. You Bet Your LIfe, Concentration, Password, I've Got and Secret, and What's My Line... all fabulous!

Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford were the originals on Wheel of Fortune and Art Fleming started Jeopardy.

fineartist said...

It was sixty seven degrees here yesterday Alan...I live in Buffalo, about 176 miles from you, and I gotta tell ya it was sweet, except for the wind. But hell the wind was okay since the temp was so sweet, even if it was a hair-tastrophe. I went for a little walk with Sam, had my hair clipped up in a banana clip, and still had to shove my sun glasses up on my head to keep the hair that had managed to wriggle loose out of my eyes, so's I could see to walk.

You are the working est man I have ever known. I admire that, but it also makes me worry about you, but then I remember that you and Dot take time to enjoy yourselves too, and so I don't worry so much. xx

ryssee said...

LOL on the water tank! haha. Well at least it's not ready to drop all the water out of it.
Hope you get to chow down on some seafood! Yum!

KellyNerd said...

really? bob barker didnt start the price is right?

i loved that show. it was awesome!

CrackerLilo said...

H&R Block is always good 'cause if they screw up, they pay! L'Ailee can do our taxes just fine at home, but we like having that bit of insurance (and the quick refund check, too.)

I hope you have a kinder schedule and kinder weather ahead!

And thank you for telling that about the Price is Right! I thought Bob Barker had originated it, too!

Chandira said...

What is it with soil? I think the general rule is you always need 3x more than you think. Concrete, you need about 7 times more.. Been there! lol

I have a pile of soil that came OUT of our garden that doesn't seem to fit back in again, after the new drain got put in, and there is a LOT left over!

ZILLA said...

Mmmm... Shrimp scampi.

Zilla is very jealous.

Or coconut shrimp! yeahyeahyeah! Coconut shrimp! ¡Langostinas!

Oh, Alan. Enjoy. And don't be selfish with the sweet, succulent, juicy, buttery details. If Red Lobster delivered, I'd be on the phone instead of commenting here!!

Doris said...

I hope the week is panning out well and is less a'whirl! :-)