Monday, March 17, 2008

Buggy whipped...

as in either the one that's going around my work or Dottie's has come home to find me...sniffles, eyes gunked shut when I sleep...hopefully I can get through this 4 day work week and then have 4 to get over it!

The hole in the back of my right leg is down to around 1/4", the two largest under my right arm just a bit smaller. This was the only clothing-free weekend I've ever been allowed in our 32 years together; keeping zinc oxide on the wounds and not irritating them seems to have helped.

The cat however, finds the odor of zinc oxide very attractive!

Sorry for such a short entry; I dozed until 3, it's shower time and then off to work again.

I will not miss 10 hour days!

I will not miss 10 hour days!

I will not miss 10 hour days!

May the week be kind...



Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

My cat's missing. Maybe he caught a whiff of your zinc oxide and decided to take a vacation.
I can think of better ways to spend a no clothes weekend.
Four ten hour days. Blech.
Good luck with your week.
And Happy St. Patty's Day!

ConnieJane said...

I have a new job and will be working 12 hour days... hope this 58 year old body doesn't catch on!

Green tea said...

You have the same type of shift my youngest son has at Coca Cola..he
leaves for work at 5:00 PM to drive
25 miles, pick up his truck and deliver, then back to the plant and 25 miles home.
With gas going nuts, he is pretty ticked at Bush..
Hang in there....GiGi

ryssee said...

Silly little meower. Hope you're healing up well by now! said...

YIKES! Take care babe. That doesn't sound like fun (except the sleeping & not working part)!