Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday once again...

It seems I've finally reclaimed my desktop! After my old Norton expired in June I installed the 2nd copy of the multiple license I bought for the laptop on it. I had to install it 4 or 5 times to get it to work right, then everytime I tried to do something it decided it needed to update. I was getting out the laptop more and more because this one would just "bog down" and I'd finally have to reboot it to use it for another half hour.

Last week I read something about AVG, a freeware anti-virus, and said something about trying it while I was at John's on Easter. He said to try turning off the Norton auto-update feature, so I got around to that last night when I got home. The computer still did the same thing, but when I rebooted it I got an error code from Norton (the same one as in my initial installations) and my old Gateway is back to it's old self.

So over the weekend I'm going to try removing Norton and installing AVG to see how that plays out.

I do love having my split keyboard back, though, after feeling like I was trying to knock my elbows together on the straight one on my laptop!

For those who asked, there is a channel called "The Gameshow Network" that runs the original "What's My Line" at 2AM central and "I've Got a Secret" at 2:30am. They used to have a way you could watch online, but I'm not sure if they still do or not...I don't have a lot of time to explore their revamped website right now.

"What's My Line" is in episodes from the early 50's right now; "I've Got a Secret" is in the early 60's episodes.

I heard Carl Reiner in an interview a year or so ago talk about watching these just to see all his old friends...

Time to nuke a chicken pot pie and get ready for work!

May you each have a wonderful Friday and may the weekend be kind!



Barbara said...

Yikes! Norton anti-virus. Whenever I see that pre-installed on a new computer I immediately remove it. In my opinion, Norton is just as bad as a having a virus.

I've used AVG on my systems with no problems. You might also want to take a look at Avast anti virus. It's another free-for-home-users anti virus program that I'm running on my current desktop.

Sassy said...

Norton scares me. lol

Hope you have a wonderful weekend too!

kath said...

AVG is fabulous!!!I have used it for years..

I too remove all of the paid anti-virus systems.. they make the fix as bad as the problem all to often

take care !

Deb said...

My Norton dowlnoad always seemed to crash my computer. Now that I have a new computer and no Norton (but other security software), nary a crash in sight.

robin andrea said...

I have a mac, so most of these virus problems and the anti-virus software are not familiar to me! I hope your weekend is a good one, alan.

ryssee said...

I hate antivirus programs! I feel like they themselves are a virus...everything runs too slow. I never had a problem the 5 yrs I didn't have it-close to giving it up again.
I'll look into AVG if you say your computer doesn't run slow!
PS-I woulda paid to get new marriage docs and birth certificates too! I still have my b-c from 1973, never want to lose it!

barb michelen said...

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Green tea said...

I also switched to AVG, Techie Flash installed it for me.
I have been much happier with it.
Now he wants me to switch to Gmail, because I keep complaining about all my spam..
I hate changing e-mail

I heard there is a new version of Match Game coming in May..hosted by who else?? Regis

Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Weekend's been kind so far.

*I'm watching John Adams that late at night these days. If Carl Reiner had said the same thing, I'd have definitely chuckled.

fineartist said...

This weekend has been great, I got a new dishwasher Alan, and I'm so proud of that danged thing!

It's really quiet too, at first I couldn't believe it was actually working, heh.

Um, Norton Anti virus is a pain in the RUMP, a real rectal trauma! That's all I gotta say about that.