Monday, March 31, 2008

A Monday morning quickie...

before I shut down this magic window for the first set of "heavy" storms they say are incoming.

AVG seems to like my old Gateway just fine. I turned off it's automatic updates so I can tell it to check when I want to; I can leave SETI running and come back and wiggle the mouse a day later, SETI drops instantly and I can click on my browser to open and IT DOES! No waiting 20 minutes while Norton checks everything it thinks it should, etc..

I've been here a bit over a half hour now, checking e-mail, printing a Border's coupon, reading "For Better or for Worse" etc., and no lag, no lock-up and haven't had to reboot or give up and walk away!

On Saturday I went to the first wedding I've attended in 32 years (since my own) where I wasn't the photographer. A couple I stock for at work invited me, and seemed genuinely pleased to have me there. I slipped out during the reception to meet Dottie here and then we drove to Lawrence for my younger nephew's high school musical variety show. It was such a treat, and there are some very talented kids there. One will be leaving for Julliard after graduation, and several probably should be!

Dottie worked today, I slept in a bit, then as it was drizzling I actually sat and played a video game until it was time to meet her at Sears for an afterhours sale. Dillon's birthday is coming up, as are both sons, and with the extra savings plus some BOGO offers we did very well!

We stopped by a local barbecue place to pick up dinner, then watched ".45" with Milla Jovovich and "Rough Magic" with Bridget Fonda and Russell Crowe. The first one was my pick, and Dottie didn't care much for it(too much skin, a lesbian sub-plot) but I liked it. Hers was good as well, though the dialog was a bit "slow" for the "Thin Man" feel they were going for...

She slipped off to bed and I did dishes then watched my old game shows, now I'm slipping off to the shower and then bed.

I sure love my "split" keyboard! It's nice having my desktop back!

May the week be kind!



Ange (formerly Writer Mom) said...

Even though the title was a little misleading, I still enjoyed reading this morning.
Hard for me to imagine Russell Crowe in anything before Gladiator. I'm assuming Rough Magic predated, because I haven't seen Bridget Fonda in a long time...
And if anyone could inspire a lesbian sub-plot, it'd be Milla Jovovich. How can a woman so petit pass herself off so believably as an action hero? She does it time and again. And she's never in the tabloid. I think I'm in love with her, and didn't even know it.

Happy Birthday to all. You mentioned Sears and I immediately thought of my dad, who I need to call. He played Simon Peter again this year in the Easter Pageant, and that always makes me smile. My sister said he still had eye liner on a day later because he refused to use baby oil to get it off.

Have a good week yourself! Mine's starting off well.

von Krankipantzen said...

Isn't it just dreamy to have a lovely working computer? So glad it is working for you now. Yay!

fineartist said...

A lousy tornado touched down in our town today, totally demolished the place where my daughter works, flattened it to the ground but she wasn't working today, and my son's plant, the roof was ripped off of it, and they still made them finish off their shift. Can you believe that sh...stuff?

Just wanted to let you know we are all okay though, I know how you worry. xxoo

Chandira said...

I love movies rated R for pervasive strong language, graphic sexual content and drug use.. I might just have to get that out!

~Seriously, I am so not a chick-flick fan, I love guy-movies far more. :-)

Weddings are fun though, I do like them, just not movies about them. ;-)