Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Easter Bunny found us...

inside at John and Noel's house Sunday afternoon. It was in the mid 40's outside, spitting snow, and the wind was doing it's best to rattle windows, so the eggs were hidden inside this year and then madness pursued!

As it did for most of the weekend!

Dottie came to work Thursday evening, sititng through the attrition presentation with me. Neither of us noticed anything to "put us off" and I found out they are only photocopying the birth and marriage certificates, so I don't have to worry about them keeping our original marriage certificate from San Diego in 1976. (I would order another before I surrendered it!) At this point it appears that at the end of June my 30 years at GM will come to an end and I will be looking for something less stressful and less frequent!

Dottie worked Friday, and I was off for Good Friday and supposed to shop, but having survived the week in spite of everything, the stomach part of "the bug" kept me home. She got off a bit early that day and shopped for the weekend; I owe her for that!

John came by late that afternoon to borrow shovels as he was still working on landscaping and said that he would be home on Saturday if I felt better, so we spent Saturday afternoon there and finally got his bath vent fan in and wired so he can get his ceiling tiles up.

I learned electrical wiring "the hard way", and having drawn my diagram weeks beforehand, laying things out for a minimum of effort, etc., I was more than a bit disappointed the first time we flipped the switch and nothing happened! After a few minutes to regroup and popping the outlet I used to "feed" the electricity to the fan and switch I found that in running my mouth as I worked I had hooked both wires to the same side of the outlet; after I moved one it worked fine.

By the time we cleaned things up, vacummed up the insulation from the attic and such, and left for home it was midnight. I was in bed by 2; I found out later Dottie sat up 'til almost 5 washing the clothes we had worn and watching "The Crow".

Sunday was a blast, and Bill and Laura both came as well; we don't see them often with her in school and him working two jobs until last week. He is substituting enough he gave up the grocery business and is almost ready to go take the last classes he needs to finish his Masters, having taken the last two semesters off to save instead of taking out more loans.

My sister and her family came by as well on the way from Mitch's Mom's and the nursing home where our Mom is. She is still in her sling, but back to work on a reduced schedule and finally starting to feel better after her rotater surgery.

We came home after the grandkids went to bed and watched "I Am Legend". Good movie, scary in that I can see it happening...

After Dottie went to bed I watched my "Lost Films of Roscoe Arbuckle" disc, finding one I had seen in a nicer restoration ("Coney Island", and wouldn't I love to have seen it in it's heyday!) and a bunch I hadn't, all a treat! This is the 2nd of those I've watched, and have 2 more in queue.

Today I spent looking for a pair of Dockers to go with a sweater I had already found as I have a wedding to attend this next Saturday, along with a high school variety show that my younger nephew is in. I could never the pair I had here, so finally I went to Sears as that's where the bride registered and took care of both errands at once. I met Dottie at the nursing home and we "fixed" Mom's DVD/VCR recorder and reframed some pictures for her, then went to look at shelter houses for the family party for the boys birthdays, as I need to go "rent" it in the next few days. We're shooting for April 19th, splitting the boys birthdays (the 16th and 30th). Since Mom's and Jordan's parties were put off after my sister's surgery, we'll be doing theirs as well.

So after that I fixed dinner while she showered, then we caught up with the Monday comedies that taped while we were doing other things, then "5th Grader" from last Thursday and "Men in Trees" from last week. She went to bed, I took the burner plates off the stove to soak and now it's time for me to go clean them up!

I hope the weekend was kind to each of you, and that that work week is as well!

As I write this, "I've Got a Secret" is on and Garry Moore is introducing the celebrity guest. Making his singing debut is Woody Allen...with a poodle!




von Krankipantzen said...

What a great slice of life. Big work decisions and family stuff. You had a very busy weekend, dear Alan. I hope the week is kind to you as well. And that your tummy bug flees the scene PDQ.

Green tea said...

I am so happy for you and Dottie, you can find more time to be together
this summer.
More time to spend with your family.

Where did you find I've got a Secret???

ConnieJane said...

Honey, you wear me out!

Feel the need to visit the sunshine state my stove needs a good cleaning. :)

KellyNerd said...

What the heck is I've Got a Secret... seeing as NerdGirl loves secrets so much it seems odd I have no idea what it is! Spill the beans friend!

dragonflyfilly said...

Garry Moore? - surely he is not still around (must be reruns? - or am i thinking about something else?)

I was scrolling down in anticipation of seeing photos of the easter egg madness!!!!


robin andrea said...

Your life is really going to change in a very big way! It's all good. I suspect you're going to love the freedom. Glad to hear you had a good Easter weekend.

I remember I've Got A Secret, wow those old TV shows are really OLD.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, good. I hope everything works out for the best--you deserve it!!!!

I'm glad you had a great Easter weekend, too.

Barack Obama says Will Smith oughta play him in the movie 'cause Smith has the ears for it; I think Obama has to seriously muscle up before that happens. :-)