Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sometimes you just get lucky!

We had our first rain last night since Ike's remnants rolled through. I don't know what the amount was, just that I got woken up by the thunder 3 or 4 times.

I've been trying to time my getting up so I'm not in Dottie's way in the mornings, so when she left I turned on the kettle then went downstairs to check the basement;

It was dry!

So I laid the last line of my mats back down, then came back upstairs to eat and bloghop a bit, along with paying some bills. In a few minutes I'm going back downstairs to try to ease back into my lifting routine again.

I didn't end up mowing on Monday, as Bill needed a birth certificate for his new job and when I tried to order them I found out I needed a notarized statement and to fax it to them before they would process the order. By the time I got those errands taken care of the mosquitoes were out, and I wasn't going to be eaten alive again this week.

So I finally mowed yesterday; 3 passes on the front lawn to make it look "decent" without the furrows of clumped up wet grass lying on top. Part of the "extra passes" as that I took it down shorter than usual so if the sewer line acts up again I can start digging. The plumber and I had discussed them putting a cleanout box in the line after it exits the house, and if I do the digging the price comes down quite a bit. Hopefully, if the misalignment in the sewer line is where we both thought it was the box can be used to correct that as well, and then we can hope my problems end. If not, then at least I'll know where I'm beginning to dig my way to the street!

Apparently the back corner of the house has shifted a bit since that last rain as well, as I have a crack in the sheetrock that wasn't there before...those are nothing new in this place, as it sits on a cinder block foundation.

I hope the week is being kind to each of you!



Chandira said...

Oooh, been there with the drains and basement floods!! Too many times. At least twice in the last 2 houses I've lived in! I hope that all gets sorted ok.

Penny M said...

Grass and rain have ruined my summer! Too much rain means no long summer days in the garden and also knee high grass to cut every weekend :-(

zilla said...

Let's hope the forethought you put into the grass height forestalls the necessity for shorter grass :-)

So, I have a question. How much weight (talking about free weights here) would you have to drop on concrete to crack it? Moose's Olympic sized bench & weights arrived here while I was gone, and I'm wondering if he can use it safely in the garage :-) Nowhere else to put it ... sigh.

Connie in FL said...

Ewwwwww... plumbing/sewer/flooded basement problems are THE WORST! Ugh.

No basements in Florida to flood, of course, but that means no storage either. My big Missouri basement was awesome but when the window wells leaked it was a huge problem!

Our curse here is the septic tank. A total pain when acting up. My heart goes out to you. Hope the week gets better.

Sassy said...

One good thing about living in an grass mowing! :p

Hope your week has been kind.

von Krankipantzen said...

Stay dry! And I hope your weekend is great.