Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You just never know...

what turn things will take next!

Bill is settling in; he got lost for the first time this morning when he couldn't make an exit and had to drive 40 miles to get turned around and headed back the way he needed to go...after almost running out of gas...

Dad always told that it didn't cost anymore to keep it full than empty; also, with the junk I used to drive, you were a lot safer filling them when they were only down halfway so they didn't have that whole tank to condense water in. Not so much a problem in this day of "plastic" tanks, but when they were 26 gallons and metal you could "make" a lot of water in one certain times of the year.

35 years ago when we would "pull" fuel samples on the Navy helos I worked on you could get an inch of water in the bottom of a Mason jar from each of the 5 tanks on board...every day!

My cold is throat is still scratchy, but I'm gargling diluted peroxide alternately with salt water.

Which is a good thing because at 11:30 last night the sewer line backed up again and I was on the roof at midnight dropping a Drain King down the stack and then cleaning up the "mess" while I tried to get Dottie to go to bed because she had to work today. I was finally done around 1:30 and she was still talking to me as I went through headed for the shower. She's not sleeping so well as the arthritis in her back is getting worse and her "other" hip, the one that wasn't replaced, is starting to bother her. Since that's the one she sleeps on...since she can't have Celebrex because she only has one kidney...Aleve and aspirin aren't really getting the job done.

I don't know how she's going to sleep if they replace that other hip!

Anyway, off to run an errand then come back and try a load of laundry to figure out whether I'm digging up the sewer line this afternoon or mowing the hayfield that's popped up from all that rain we had!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you!



Anji said...

I always thought that people retired for a rest! I'm sorry that Dottie is suffering so much, my back gets me when I wake up, if I try to have a lie in it's worse.

I hope that your chores are more agreeable as the week goes on.

zilla said...

Something's gotta give for poor Dottie. Chronic pain is wearing enough, even when restful sleep IS possible.

I tipped my hat to you in this afternoon's post, hopefully in a way that makes you chuckle.

I'm going to go meditate some cosmic drain-o into your sewer lines. I'm sure you've cleared them perfectly on your own, but, you know, just to be sure you can mow rather than dig.

And after you mow, for God's sake, please take a load off and enjoy yourself!

Connie in FL said...

Sewer problems stink... pun intended...we're on septic, don't get me started!!!

You might want to consider bailing that hay... sometimes you can get big money for it in the winter. LOL

Sorry about Dottie. Arthritis sucks for sure!

robin andrea said...

Good advice about keeping the tank full. Having to drive 40 miles just to turn around is quite a distance out of the way.

Hope Dottie's arthritis calms down. I wish I knew some real hardworking natural anti-inflammatory. Something to google for sure.

Take care of yourself, alan.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, wow, I hope you and Dottie both feel better soon!

Green tea said...

This isn't what retirement is suppose to be like.
Glad you are feeling better..
Has Dottie tried water exercise
for her arthritis ?? I have a friend that swears by it..
She has kidney problems too so can only take Tyelenol

Deb said...

Hope you feel better soon. I don't like to do the peroxide gargle. I do vinegar and honey. It's easier to take and if I spill it, it doesn't bleach anything!