Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My secret garden...

My better half returned to work this morning, leaving her lesser behind in comtemplation...

Though she knows nothing of my life "here", she benefits in ways she could never dream of. She, still in horror that my youngest and his wife actually travelled last summer to go meet and stay with someone they met through their guild in "WoW". She refuses to believe the connections people can make "through the ether".

How truly lucky I am!

Here in this "garden" of my soul, each of you who visit me, and each of you I visit are constant sources of fuel for my soul; fire for my imagination; beauty; inspiration; striking awe into my heart with your words, thoughts and deeds. Knowing my weaknesses in life, that you think of me as "good" drives me to become "better", knowing that each of you is on a plane far beyond my own.

I have said many times before that when I take stock "Counting My Blessings" I count each of you...

Tomorrow, at our Thanksgiving table, when the question goes around the table "What are you thankful for?" my answer, as always these last few years, will be-

"Being here".

What it will mean, among all it's meanings, is

"Being here"!

I thank each of you, for every word, every thought, every smile, and every tear...

I am honored that you share your lives with me!

May those who share our holiday tomorrow enjoy and travel in safety!

May those who aren't so lucky still find joy and happiness in their day!

May the rest of the week be kind to each of you!

(My plans for bloghopping and visiting my dungeon changed a few minutes ago with a phone call that Laura's car "smells like it's burning", so I'm off to gather tools and make a trip to Lawrence. Hopefully Friday will be more cooperative, as I miss each of you very much right now! Saturday my nephew plays in a state championship game, and we don't know what Sunday has in store yet, but Dottie is off work, so I may be "in limbo" 'til Monday, especially if Laura's car doesn't decide to cooperate! I hope you will forgive me!)



Connie in FL said...

A wonderful post. Thanks for being you.

Travel with care and enjoy a delightful Thanksgiving, dear friend.

Sassy said...

I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful that you let me into your life through your blog.

I'm also thankful for "being here".

Happy Thanksgiving! May the rest of your week be kind as well.


Anji said...

Happy Thanksgiving. It's difficult for those outside the blogging world to appreciate the strength of the bonds we make

LucyTolliday said...

Enjoy the garden. Thanks for being there.

Lori D said...

Very touching, Alan, and don't think we're not thankful for all the unconditional love you've poured out on so many HERE. I really have noticed how you've touched even those who are in the most isolated blogger regions. Thank you for being you!

zilla said...

I just mentioned to MrZ at the dinner table, in the company of my kids (who are all on Facebook, as you know), that I FINALLY changed my Facebook profile pic to the one of me with the Obama cut-out from the one of my skimpy lingerie hanging on the line that I use for my blog header.

He looked pretty confused.

"You're telling me you never look at my blog?!?!"

"Sounds like I might be glad I don't!"

Younger Eena (13) said, "It's about time you changed it, Mom! That picture is kind of cool, but it's just, you know, WEIRD!"

Happy Thanksgiving, Alan. And Happy Thanksgiving to Dottie and Laura and Caleb and Dillon and Talia and ... to the entire cast of World Awhirl, without whom our lives would be ... only half as warm.

Dr. Deb said...

Wishing you lots of happiness and memories this Thanksgiving. How great that the blog world has brought me so many wonderful friends, like you.

Anonymous said...

Thank You

robin andrea said...

Your heartfelt eloquence is a very fine thing to read this Thanksgiving morn. Happy day to your and yours, alan.

Calamity Jen said...

Your post made me smile, as so many of them do. I echo the sentiments of your other readers/friends: Thank YOU.

Puffer said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope you have a great time!

Josephine said...

I want to add to all of that. You are a loyal, thoughtful an compassionate friend Alan. May your secret garden continue to flourish and bear rich fruit - for us all!

Josephine said...

I want to add to all of that. You are a loyal, thoughtful an compassionate friend Alan. May your secret garden continue to flourish and bear rich fruit - for us all!

Samantha said...

The feeling is very mutual Alan, this was an awesome post, thank you!


*Ange* Life in the PS said...

What Samantha wrote, only far later.

We had a great Thanksgiving, but it's so strange for me, making small talk with people who either don't know I blog, or don't consider it legit. Holidays always feel like someone's missing now, because you folks should be there.

Because of this opportunity, I was able to weather through a very difficult and confusing misdiagnosis for my son, then connect with several other parents going through the same thing, and was only able to stay up about it because of online friends checking in, offering support.
I've since met more than a few fine people--everyone of them exactly as I imagined (or better) in person.

I consider Zilla's family family, and will probably be her grandson's mother-in-law someday.

I just feel so lucky to have met you and other kind people out there.
I feel a part of something that, like you wrote, makes me want to be better.
So it's kinda sad on holidays that I can't openly express my gratitude. Most times I just grin to myself, and that'll have to do.

Very thankful for you, though, and I'm sorry I'm late, but the sentiment is still very much sincere.