Saturday, November 29, 2008

Together again!

In so many ways!

I couldn't really "see" what was wrong with Laura's car on Wednesday, only that there was a major coolant leak and I didn't have enough tools to be able to take it apart, a manual, or a light I could really see with. She had errands to run that afternoon, and as it turns out she and Bill were planning to surprise the family with his coming home for Thanksgiving. I ended up "in on it" as it was me that took her to the airport to pick him up.

Everyone else was completely surprised, though...Dottie, my sister, the grandkids...

When we picked them up for Thanksgiving dinner I copied down her VIN number and spent the afternoon deciphering it and reading up on 3800 Buick engines, then picked up a manual and a rechargeable "drop cord" yesterday. Bill and I (it took both of us to get it apart) managed to take it apart, put the $6 seal in and put it back together in about 4 hours in the rain/snow/sleet/drizzle, pressure test it and refill the coolant just before dark. I came home, and they drove it into KC for dinner last night, then left from here to have Thanksgiving with her family about 2 hours northeast of here this morning.

They are coming back through in a little while to say "goodbye" as Bill has to be at KCI at 5AM because they couldn't afford a later flight tomorrow.

Sorry about my lack of bloghopping of late! I promise to catch up starting Monday!



zilla said...


Just, wow.

Okay, now do something fun!!! And go ahead and be a little selfish when you decide what "fun" means!!!

Josephine said...

Impressed! Want to fly over and service my VW Golf honey?! Every time I get in it the service light comes on...gonna have to give in soon!!

Green tea said...

Geez I wish you were my neighbor, is there anything you can't do??

Now do something for your self..

fineartist said...

Alan you are the greatest! I mean what would your kids do without your mechanical expertise? For real.

I had to have my coolent flushed and all the lines replaced and a serpentine belt and all kinds of other things put on my truck before I could get back home on one of my trips to Becky's this summer and it cost almost a thousand bucks, yeah I almost pooped my pants. It's only money, right?

love ya, mean it,
Lori cakes

Anonymous said...

mm a man that is good with his hands

*Ange* Life in the PS said...

This post made me think so much of my dad.