Thursday, November 13, 2008


it's hard to write something you're proud of, then follow it with the "drivel" of everyday life!

After my breakfast/bloghop of yesterday, I spent the afternoon scanning documents to prove that my wife is indeed eligible to remain on my health insurance for the 3rd time in 5 months and mailing them. In between I fielded a phone call from my buddy in Colorado, who was just east of Abilene, KS and headed eastbound. He had made arrangements with someone in Abilene to pick up a load of firewood at 11 yesterday morning, and got there only to find that the guy had decided to go to Wichita despite their appointment. He called me to Google up some phone numbers and when I talked to him last at 5:30 yesterday afternoon he was in Topeka waiting for someone so he could load up and make the drive back to "almost Denver".

This morning, I did the b&b thing again, then went out to try and caulk up the gap between my front foundation and the sidewalk that lies next to it. I had planned to replace a section before winter caught up with me, but it's not going to get done, and the last two heavy rains have found a bit of water leaking through the front wall of the basement from it.

My workout yesterday was the best/heaviest "chest day" I've ever done, though it was cut short with phone calls and John and the grandkids coming by at one point. I'm getting ready to go down and hold a shortened "leg day" now...

This link ties into my last post...if I am still around at over 100 years old may I still be so active both mentally and physically!

May Friday be kind to you all!



Dr. Deb said...

I cannot BELIEVE that you have had to "prove" Dottie's insurance status three times in the last 5 months. Can you report the insurance carrier to the state department? I loathe when insurance companies do these tricks to upset our apple cart. It's all about tiring us out so they don't have to reimburse or insure us.

Wishing you a good upcoming weekend.

zilla said...

What dr. deb said, and shaking my fist while I say it!

You'll find yourself in good company, I think, when it comes to folks who haven't quite finished every scheduled bit of maintenance before winter -- especially if I count as "good company." :-S

Anonymous said...

Hoping all works out and wishing you a nice relaxing weekend

Sassy said...

I need to be more physically active!

May the weekend and next week be kind to you!

Green tea said...

I have been thinking about you and wondering what will happen to your benefits and pension if the Congress doesn't loan the Auto industry money.
Are you going to be OK??