Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's Christmas Eve!

Work is over for the year, and I am home not quite 2 hours into Christmas Eve. Some of the wrapping is done, lots more to go. The Christmas dinner and the adopt-a-family at work went well; I got to watch a ten year old girl scream and cry because she got the toy she wanted the most and never thought she'd get. She was actually afraid to touch it after she unwrapped it, like she was afraid it would disappear!
As I get ready to go start wrapping again, my mind is turning to New Year's resolutions; though there are many lofty and high ideal ones I'd love to make, I am going to stick to one's I have some chance at accomplishing:

1. To try to keep off the 93 pounds I've dropped since February of 2005; possibly even lose a few more, but not to gain any back. With this goes continuing to try and become healthier, and eat healthier...

2. To continue trying to be positive about things and not give in to the negativity and pessimism that influenced most of my life for it's first 50 years. Yes, the news out of D.C. is a constant source of agony and heartbreak, but I will keep writing my Congressman and Senators, trying to influence them when I can, and keep contributing what I can to the forces of change. I will continue to observe, grieve, write, think and read, but I will turn whatever emotion I am driven to to some positive end!

3. To try to explore new things instead of fearing them as I usually have my whole life. This last year physical therapy opened a new world of dieting and excercise for me; these led me to "working out" for the first time in my life, which led me to reading and learning more, which finally led to a mountain bike. Perhaps not this winter, but maybe next, a snowboard?

That's the big three for now; there are some smaller ones I'd like to add, but if I can nail those the others will fall into line.



Nancy said...

OMG Alan! Normally I tell those who do New Year's resolutions good luck, but I don't think anybody who makes one will succeed. I think you will though!

You, my new friend, have the right frame of mind. Not just for a couple of weeks, but for a lifestyle change. You will do whatever you want!

I am so in awe of you for the weight loss. I gained and lost a hundred pounds and regained it. I need to lose a hundred now! I hate the weight I am now. I know how hard it is and I commend you on your drive. I gained all mine back after two kids and pure laziness!

I will lose weight this year, but not thru a New Year's resolution, but because it is time again and I have to do it!

I am actually in awe of your reslolutions. You have the right kind in mind and the mindset to do them my friend!!

It won't be Christmas here for another three hours, but I hope you will have a fab one with your family! Keep thinking of us baking in eighty degree weather and feel sorry for us, because Christmas is supposed to be soooooo much cooler.

It is so nice to have a new blog friend Alan!

Best to you and yours,

sjobs said...

Alan, Good luck with the resolutions.... I have lost a little under 50 myself but think in the last few weeks have gained some back, so that has to go...

Good luck and happy new year....

Hope you had a wonderful day today.


sttropezbutler said...

Hey Bud!

You just gave me so so so much inspiration for 2006!

Thank you so much!

I will enjoy continuing on this journey and will enjoying sharing things with you.

Here's to all of us in 2006!


nancy =) said...

alan is it your birthday?!?!?!

you've got to tell us when it is!!

give us the ate, we can't miss it!!


~ n

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