Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Santa's list...

used to be the one I worried about; trying to stay on the "good" one. Now I discover that by signing Greenpeace petitions and getting RFK jr.'s "Riverkeeper" newsletter, I'm probably on W's watch list along with Osama...maybe higher even, I have a couple of library cards and I use one of them, regularly! (Wait 'til they figure out I've checked out a couple of Bernard Shaw books recently!)

Then there's my e-friend in Beirut I met on Jeanette Winterson's message board, and another in South Africa who moved there from the Phillipines. There's a Buddhist friend who moved to Europe I correspond with sometimes...I'm probably on a couple of agency lists by now!

Then again, I also belong to a labor union, and write my Congressman regularly, and even my Republican senators on occasion...that probably doesn't help!

I wonder how many of my taxpayer dollars have been spent trying to assess my threat level? If they find out I like "New Orleans jazz" they'll probably be breaking down my door!!!

Merry Peacemas everyone!



sttropezbutler said...

Wait till they figure out you visit my blog!

Isn't it amazing?

Have a good one!



nancy =) said...

it's getting scarier by the day, isn't it...

wait till they see the list of causes i send my $$$ to in order to fight THEM...oy...

peacemas, indeed!!

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