Monday, March 06, 2006

12 minutes of your life for something beautiful...

I don't know how many of you have ever explored the links to the right; some might intrigue a few of you, perhaps not. Some, like "My Writing" probably don't warrant much attention, lol!

In the "Blogfriends" list is one called "FilmlessPhotos". The blog is by a Canadian photographer who really has "it". The eye, the heart, the technical prowess; the "whole 9 yards" and then some.

He just returned from the Olympics; I followed his coverage there through the photos he put up on his blog in his downtime. (Meaning instead of getting a few minutes of sleep he desperately needed he took time to post photos for us!)

As he was getting ready to leave, he held a discussion with two other photographers and the link that is my header (and slipped in again) is to a slideshow of their images from the games, set against their discussion of covering them; what was hard, what was great, what meant the most, etc.. It runs in Windows Media Viewer...

12 minutes of stunning images, wonderful stories, and a tear-jerker ending I hadn't heard about in the coverage I saw here; the highlight of my week!

Thank you John Lehmann!

If you can spare the time to watch, and you have the bandwidth for the download (42mb, so dial up isn't an option, sorry) I think you will be amazed, impressed and awestruck as I was with this man's talent, along with his colleagues, and their determination and dedication to their craft...



Jon-Marc said...


I am so glad you began commenting on my blog. You seem to be a genuine and great person.

I look forward to exploring your blog and finding more about you.

Hope you are well.


Jen said...

Thank you Alan! As a Canadian it was extra special to see this!!

Mystical Me said...

Alan, words cant even being to tell you what an honor it is to know you even thro this blog alone. You see the beauty of others & I think your awesome. Take care sweetheart!! Love always, MM XOXO
BTW, I do hope your having an awesome week!!

Mystical Me said...

Jon-marc, Alan is a wonderful person! You couldnt have said this to a better man! Take care, MM XOXO

SPG said...

Wow, great link to some awesome pics. You definately have an eye for talent.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I've taken trips on your links before...especially your writing. Very emotional and powerful work there.


Heidi said...

I know I'm missing something special.

I'm also missing highspeed..Still with dial up.

Thankyou for your kind words as always..Hugs.

Lori said...

I checked out the site....wonderful!

I appreciate your support and kind comments, Alan. You are truly a special man, seen through your words both here and expressed towards others.

Nancy said...

I will check it out later as I have children to run to school at the moment...Thanks for the link though, I look forward to seeing his photos!

TDharma said...

Thanks for the info on John -- his site is awesome. Also, found the Hawaiian dude -- fantastic! What incredible surf photos -- one is now gracing my desktop at work. I live right near Steamer Lane -- muy grandioso surf spot. I love to watch them go!

dragonflyfilly said...

you were right, the photos of John Lehman are fab!

it snowed today in Vancouver, so i brought out the Christmas Flamingos!

cheers for now, i have to go have my dinner!!!

cherish said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...


I just want to say thanks for all your support and the wonderful words you have expressed over the past few weeks as I now start into my third month of my Blog. Its people like yourself that keep me posting as I'm sure you are aware it can be a lot of work.

As you can imagine I've taken a few weeks off after covering the Olympics but will be back at this week.

Thanks again,

John Lehmann