Monday, March 27, 2006

It's Monday...again...

after a one day weekend. I worked Saturday, while my wife kept our grandaughter and younger grandson overnight Saturday. I got up and cooked breakfast on Sunday and we kept them until dinnertime last night. Grandaughter liked the Barbie movies we had acquired with her in mind and late yesterday afternoon we went and played at one of the parks until the wind got too nippy and they were due home for dinner.

Frankie seems to be transitioning to family life as well. He and Angel, our dog seem to get along all right. Angel doesn't quite understand what the big attraction he has for her wagging tail is all about and looks at us like "did you see that? What is his problem?" each time it gets pounced on.

He wanted no part of being petted until late last night. As we were watching some TV he was on the foot of the couch. I was lying under a blanket and started giving him a belly rub with my foot. A bit of playing, then lying back to be rubbed and as my wife went off to shower I sat up and he didn't run this time, so I slipped my hand under the blanket and continued the rub, then slipped the blanket off, and finally picked him up and held and petted him. That's where he was when she got out of the shower.

This morning I got up and he was sleeping on the foot of my bed, and didn't run when I got up. I called to find out if our dealer was on the State Farm list for the PDR work on the Malibu (they are) and then called our vet to ask if I could get Frankie to cooperate if I could bring him in for his shots. We bought a small carrier over the weekend, so I slipped it together then picked poor Frankie up off the foot of my bed and betrayed him by putting him in the box and taking him to the vet!

We've been home a while now and the canned food I gave him when we got back seems to have soothed his feelings a bit, though I don't think he'll be letting me pick him up again right away!

Now it's off to rent a shelter house at the park for my son's birthdays next month. We used to do that when they were younger and have a family party, cookout and take bicycles and footballs and baseball stuff, then they kind of outgrew it. Now with the grandkids in the picture we thought we'd try doing it again...hopefully the weather will cooperate!

I'm glad it's only a five day week this week!



puhpaul said...

I'm glad to hear the cat is adjusting well and that your dog is okay with it all. My older dog gets scared when a cat isn't afraid of her. The neighbours cat came for a visit and had her cornered, cowering on the deck.

How are your allergies so far?

alan said...

I was playing with the grandkids at the park yesterday afternoon in a 20-30mph wind; as I was running the drawstring adjuster on my jacket collar flipped up and whacked my right eye, right below the pupil. It's been rather tender today, and they're both itching a bit, but as to whether it's more than normal I can't really say...especially with the trees that always "get me" budding out as well, and things greening all around (FINALLY!). Time will tell!


cherish said...

Sounds like a fantastic day with the grandkids! The party sounds great as well! We are having a party for my son on Saturday I am so excited!!!

OOOO my eye hurts just thinking about that!!

sttropezbutler said...

Ah parenting on every level.

I'm waiting for my allergy moment. I keep thinking I've out grown them....HA.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

That cat is going to forgive you for the visit to the vet, and fall completely in love. You have already given him such a fine home. Hope your allergies don't act up.