Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quite a day!

My wife works days, I work's been this way for years, and over the course of 30 of them you make adjustments. When she works a weekend she gets the Friday before and the Tuesday after it off, then the next weekend she's off.

Last year my overtime Saturdays were the same Saturdays she was already working, so it wasn't that big a deal, we still had Sunday and all of the next weekend. This year, GM hit the wrong weekend, so she worked last Saturday and I work this next one. This continues through the rest of the year. So I've scattered some Tuesday vacation days through the year, mostly for the time with her, and partly to break up a 6 day work week! I get 200 hours a year now, and she only gets 80, so I can do that or sell them back in January; I'd rather take most of them...

So this was my day today:

Crashed at 3:30AM, up at 10, cooked breakfast and stopped and shopped for a few minutes on the way to a 12:55 showing of "V for Vendetta". Loved the movie; left and hit "Ted's Montana Grill" for lunch (we seldom eat out, so stopping anyplace like that is a treat for us; then after we're in the booth we find out "Ted" is Turner; damn I wish he was back in the news business). Home for a minute, covered up my tulips because they're saying 22F tonight, let the dog out, brought the mail in and went out to catch a 4:55 show of "8 Below" (if you love dogs, you have to see this movie!).

Stopped at Best Buy on the way home from there to get a gift card for a nephew's birthday, then Hallmark to get a couple of birthday cards. Got home around 8:30, stuck my new pizza stone in the oven to preheat while my wife called and checked up on my Mom in the nursing home, then we slipped off for a bit of time (ahem) and after I ran through the shower I stuck the brushchetti in the oven while she showered. She got out, I started a load of laundry, then made salads, and we sat down to watch "The Legend of Zorro" as we had missed it on the big screen. A few pauses while I moved laundry (3 loads through before she went to bed) and while she addressed cards I loaded the dishwasher. She went to bed at 1 (she has to be up at 8 to go to work) and I programmed 4 VCR's for tomorrow night, then started blogging...

It's 4AM now, my clock is set for 10:30 so I can get up and go to the gym for the first time in two weeks. I'll probably hit snooze once and be up at 11...and of course back to work tomorrow night for another 9 hours building Malibus!

G'night all! I started to say "Goodnight Moon", but it's dragging behind me on the floor so far back I don't think it could hear me...




kath said...

for years Dan and I worked opposite shifts.. and he worked overtime when he could..

it was easier for me then

now he is almost always home when i get here..

he works the 2-10 shift about 5-10 days a month.. not enough..

Cory is also home when i get here.. also not fun..

i have been wanting to email you.. but have been not online much..
hurt my back at work on thursday, and i made it worse on saturday by working in the garden.. hopefully i can sit here longer soon..

seems like i have been a mess more often than not lately!

wonderful that you want to be with your wife.. wonder what that feels like?
have fun on your mini vacation days :)

and take care

Lori Witzel said...

Found you thru "Find me a Bluebrd" blog comments.

Lovely post.

sttropezbutler said...

Damn Alan! You've got it down.


Lori said...'re beginning to sound like me, though I have daytime hours. I worked a couple of days during our spring break, which is now, but have the rest of the week OFF - wahoo!

It sounds like you still make time for what and WHO is important, and that you keep an upbeat, positive attitude. But then, I wouldn't expect less from you! Happy Day, Alan!

alan said...

Though I didn't say it, this was intended as a bit of apology for not making it to everyone's entries as quickly as I might sometimes...

Thank you for understanding!


Jen said...

It really is a world awhirl!!

It sounds like you and your wife are in sync, my husband works shifts as well, hard with little ones!

Mystical Me said...

WOW, do you get any sleep? I do hope you have a good day today. Take care, MM XOXO

Heidi said...

You must drink coffee or Diet coke with all that

TDharma said...

Alan, my partner works nights; a seemingly similar pattern with every other weekend off. When she's gone in the evening, I miss her but make good use of my time. I love the weeks when she's home nights at a time, and not sleeping during the day! We have such fun together.

You sure do pack a lot into your time. I love the -- ahem -- sneaking off. That's the glue that keeps couples together!! Brings us back to our essential selves.

puhpaul said...

It's got to be hard doing shiftwork, especially with a partner who is also on shiftwork. It sounds almost as bad as a long distance relationship. Kudos to you and your wife for making it this long, and let's hope for 30 more years together. said...

That is quite a day!!

cherish said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW What a day!!!! Sounds like a well oiled machine as you run through your day.