Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's Sunday again!

Her car...and my livlihood!

My car ($800 seven years ago; it had 219,000 on it then, it's at 289,000 now)-

Another photo from last Sunday's birthdays at the park-

and just to leave you laughing; it had rained the night before, I have two pair of shoes (one for work and one for the treadmill) and wasn't about to follow Caleb through the mud!

Happy Photo Sunday!



dragonflyfilly said...

i have 300,000 +++ on my '93 Honda!!! - but the gas must be quite a _ _ _ _ _ on that monster?

puhpaul said...

It's nice to see you didn't land on your butt in the mud.

dragonflyfilly said...

p.s. hmmmm....toss up between the cars and the's been a long time...i used to love the waterslides too...but i see you are never too old to play, eh?
happy Sunday to you too!!

Puffer said...

I liked the last photo
Looks like fun

kath said...

I love your photos!

I have got to get busy and shoot a few new ones myself.. silly not to .. i paid for flickr and have not used it! LOL

Nice to see you playing and having fun with the kids..

you are a lucky guy!

oh.. and I do like your wifes car :)
and um,.... yours is nice too .. hehe

take car.. miss ya!

ConnieJane said...

Great photos, Alan!

I look forward to your family pictures, the love and enjoyment shine through every time. Happy Sunday!

alan said...

The Malibu is a 4 cylinder; no road trips yet but it's averaging 27.9 around town (and she doesn't keep her foot out of it, either).

Mine gets 11-12 around town; it doesn't see many highway miles anymore, but when it did it would get close to 15. Sadly, in only likes premium and I can't "pull the timing" back anymore than I already have to get it to like that! (Gas is a bit different than it was in '79!)

At $3/gallon I'm breaking even between the diffence in a payment, the mileage, the insurance (liability only on it) and buying premium. If it goes to $4 a gallon, it will become a new truck in a heartbeat! If any major expenses come up, it will as well. Otherwise, maybe next year...


scrappy rose said...

you look like you're having fun!

sttropezbutler said...

This "gas" thing is going to impact on all of every way. I'm waiting for 10 dollar tomatoes!

You are a braver man than I dear Alan...I'd would have gone done that slide and broken not only my ass, but my leg and I'd have been muddy to boot!


Von Krankipantzen said...

We are about $4.50 a gallon in my city. Yikes. It sucks.

Happy Sunday to you. Keep on sliding.

boo said...

ouchie? hope your sunday was nice :p

Hawaiianmark said...

Finally got around to updating my links - Hope you dont mind me adding your "golden" thoughts to my page.

Sounds like a fun weekender for all great for the ohana (family)!

I put 250K miles on my ( pause ) '66 VW Double Cab Truck.

(shedding tears now)

Updated that to a '71 VW van (its a surfer thing ya know) put another 150K on the already reading 150K speedo....

Bought my first new truck in 2003 Toyota DCab, 30K miles on her now.

I know I should go American...The wifey does tho!!

Miss those Vdubs like no ones business, so fun to drive...

Price of petrol goes up anymore, I am selling the truck, and getting a moped for work, and a older truck for surf runs...

Take care!


MB said...

...and it did make me laugh! How wonderful to see you have good times with the kids!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

You're such a good grandpa. I love seeing you play like that with your grandchildren. CUTE!

We have electric bikes that we may have to rig with a small trailer to pull into town and to do our grocery shopping. We're driving a 13 year old Toyota Camry that get 30 mpg. It doesn't have 100,000 on it yet, but it's close. We were thinking about selling it and the Toyota pickup, to get a hybrid van when they hit the market.

Mystical Me said...

Your so cute Alan!! I celebrated my sons birthday this Saturday, so I was having a birthday party too this weekend. I hope all is well sweetie!! I love the cars!! Take care of yourself!! Love always, MM XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOOX

Clandestine said...

i love these! :)

cherish said...

AWESOME pictures!! You are such a cool grand dad!!