Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday the first...

meaning of course, that Friday comes twice in my work week this week. Or I have a one day weekend...

As well, Saturday is Caleb's birthday party, so I'll be going to it for a few hours before I go to work. Last spring I took the day off for Dillon's party, but I didn't have a truck payment then, the holidays weren't coming so soon...I just can't say "no" to time and a half!

Frankie charged the back door as I was coming in from the garage yesterday afternoon at 3. He had slipped out twice on Dottie, but once he let her pick him up, the 2nd time he ran right back in. That was several months ago. This time, he ran back and forth several times like a little black rocket, refusing to come when I called, then ran around the front of the house and disappeared. For 24 hours. I called, rang a little bell on a toy he likes, both then and when I came home at 2:30AM last night. No luck.

We thought perhaps he would follow Angel back in when he got hungry or cold enough. Today it rained about an inch and a half. When Dottie came home she went out and called for him, but no luck. She let Angel out and the dog immediately went to our fence and was sniffing towards our neighbors doorless yard shed. Dottie put Angel back in the house and went over there, and could get him to meow at her, his pathetic meow he would use if we shut the bedroom door and he wanted in, but he wouldn't come to her. Finally she twisted her ankle on something and between that and the rain came home for a while.

She went back, and got him to meow again, but he wasn't in the shed anymore, he was between it and our fence. This time she stepped on something that crunched and watched him do his rocket impression under the fence and across our yard.

She gave up (it was 8:30 by this time) and came in and took her shower and ate. I called at 9, my lunch, and told her to just get ready for bed, that if he was wet enough, cold enough or hungry enough he would come back in.

At 11:30 when I called at my 2nd break, she had sat in the back room with the door open for a while, but no cat. She said she would put Angel out one last time and then go to bed. When she put her out, she saw Frankie and Angel "nose to nose talking" on the patio. When the dog came back in, the cat finally followed. She called and left me a voice mail about it, then when I got caught up I called her back and she said the cat was very wet and very cold, but seemed happy to be back inside.

I hope he stays that way!

He's now curled up in her chair sleeping...

Busy weekend, won't be around much; I hope you all have wonderful weekends!



kath said...

oh my!
how scary! i am glad that your kitty came home..

you can teach him to stay away from the door..
put a couple of quarters into a coke can..

any time he goes near to the door.. toss the noisy can at the door..
it will not hurt him, but it will make him very leary of the doors.. i promise..

Angel was well named, and sounds very helpful!

it sounds like you have a lot of work coming up.. but it will have bright moments! a birthday party!!!

oh.. and you say some very kind things.. thank you..
hugs and happy weekend.. don't work too hard!

MB said...

You too, Alan, you too! Don't work too hard.

Von Krankipantzen said...

What a bad cat! Making you worry like that. I hope he doesn't do it again.

kath said...

i don't really hide the books..


i do try to keep him from seeing new arrivals.. whether books or clothes..


no worries..

i am reasonably content these days..

k is back in my life and that makes everything a little better...

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I always worry so much when our cat darts out. I'm so glad he's back.

I love Kath's idea of the coins in the can. I'm going to try it.

So, how's the new truck?!?!?!