Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My last shot...

at fixing my Chrysler "on a shoestring" just evaporated. Dad had built a utility trailer the fall he started getting sick, and he used a Toronado axle and Chrysler New Yorker springs. I had hoped to rob the boxes on it; they're the right length, depth and hole spacing, but they are the Toronado ones and a half inch too narrow and it's a way I can't improvise and make it up.

Just left the cable company website trying to figure a way to cut channels and knock my bill down enough to try to make up part of a payment; we had already shifted some insurance policies around freeing up money to pay other things down before we went on vacation, and had planned to "knock off" 4 or 5 smaller bills in the course of the next 12 to 18 months, then go buy a pick-up after we paid them off.

As always, "Murphy" intervenes again!

Thank you all for the words of encouragement and sympathy!



Von Krankipantzen said...

Savage bummer! Sorry to hear it is not going to work. I think you should go out and kick some tires.

puhpaul said...

That's horrible, it always seems to go like that doesn't it. Just when you think you have everything going according to plan, BANG, something new comes up. I feel for you there Alan, I hope something positive happens soon.


NINANINA said...

hi ! why are you cutting back on bills ? To save $ and survive I had to go to an extreme. I had 2 serious injuries and couldn't work for 8 mos with no disability (as of last oct) I have no savings but a nice little house. so I turned off the gas, no hot water or dryer. I hang my wash.. microwave water and bathe in a small tub every other day. I got rid of my cell phone... and cable. I am actually quite happy. I just started working again as a substitute teacher with barely a commute :D while I claim bankruptsy and drive around my 96 ford escort which is not very reliable. The encouragement of friends gets you through a thin and tough time. It can only get better. Sorry to run on .. .

alan said...

Stacey- that's the agenda for Friday now, I don't even dare drive it that far. Straight to work, straight home, fingers crossed the whole way!

Paul- thank you!

Nina- The first 15 years I worked for GM I was laid off as much as I worked, but only drawing unemployment as I didn't have enough seniority to draw the supplemental pay. Our boys were small, so a lot of things went on plastic that shouldn't have, and I'm still trying to pay it all off. After my wife had her hip and knee replaced, we put her in a new car as I couldn't have her broken down somewhere waiting for me or someone else to help. We were supposed to pay hers off before we got to this point, lol!

No apologies necessary, my friend, and I am glad you are working again, although that classroom of high schoolers might have scared me out the door!


Patricia said...

your sense of fiscal responsibility is so refreshing, tho. i know that's little solace when you want something. still, it so great to read about. so many others would just buy the stuff anyway. kudos to you.